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Reporter’s notebook: Hundreds of homes could flood along Arroyo Seco Channel in El Niño

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This is one of seven Pasadena homes located close enough to the Arroyo Seco Channel to be in danger of flooding in an unusually strong rainstorm. Sharon McNary/KPCC

KPCC reporter Sharon McNary talks about her reporting on the threat to some homes if Pasadena’s Devil’s Gate dam is topped by high runoff from El Niño rains this winter.

She also explains the reasons the dam’s capacity is severely diminished – years of unremoved sedimentary buildup, huge sediment flowing in from rains following the 2009 Station Fire, and a lawsuit by environmentalists and neighbors against LA County Flood Control removing large amounts of sediment that they see as harming animal habitat... Read her full story here.


Sharon McNary, KPCC reporter covering infrastructure

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