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Ecotourism: Not so good for the ecology after all, says new UCLA study

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People walk on a hanging bridge in the Patrocinio Natural Reserve in the Quetzaltenango department, 196 km southwest of Guatemala City on June 22, 2012. AFP/AFP/Getty Images

A new study conducted by researchers at UCLA and other universities finds that ecotourism--where travelers visit environmentally pristine and farflung locales--actually puts wildlife at risk.

The research was published last week in the journal, “Trends in Ecology and Evolution”.

How Nature-Based Tourism Might Increase Prey Vulnerability to Predators


Daniel Blumstein, Professor and Chair, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at UCLA, and lead researcher of the new study, “How Nature-Based Tourism Might Increase Prey Vulnerability to Predators,” published last week in the journal “Trends in Ecology and Evolution” looking at the impact of ecotourism on wild animals

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