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Videotaped suspect says Uber driver violated privacy

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Former Taco Bell executive Benjamin Golden of Newport Beach was arrested in November and charged with misdemeanor assault and battery for allegedly hitting 23-year-old driver Edward Caban. screengrab from YouTube/CLS AMG

A Newport Beach man who was videotaped beating an Uber driver is counter-suing the driver for violating his privacy - claiming the video could not be recorded without his express consent.

Initially, Benjamin Golden was sued for assault (and fired from his job) after the dash-camera video posted on YouTube showed him drunkenly smacking driver Edward Caban.

The legal questions in this case center around Golden's reasonable expectation of privacy, plus whether a crime was committed might nullify Golden's privacy rights.


Art Neill, Public Interest Lawyer, New Media Rights, which provides legal services, education, and public policy advocacy for creators, entrepreneurs, and internet users

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