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AirTalk Live: Student Democrats, Republicans debate election 2016

by AirTalk®

AirTalk's Larry Mantle hosts a live student debate at Pomona College. Students present arguments for their favorite presidential candidate. KPCC

Vote now: Which student on today's program made the most compelling argument for a candidate? Let us know what you think.

Granite State voters streamed to the polls yesterday for New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary, with Bernie Sanders winning the state's Democratic primary and Donald Trump won on the Republican side.

Listen to AirTalk's coverage at 11 a.m. or watch it live below.

After Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton secured victories in the Iowa caucuses last week, it is expected that New Hampshire’s results will be a bellwether for the primaries to come.

But before the nation’s eyes turn to the South Carolina primary, AirTalk’s expert panel of political scientists from across the Claremont Colleges take a look back at the winners and losers from New Hampshire and what lies ahead on the campaign trail for the frontrunners and those still trying to make up ground while there’s time left to spare.

One of the biggest and most important voter groups for any presidential candidate to secure is the youth vote, and today we’ll get a look inside the minds of young, politically-charged college voters who want to leave their mark on this election. Members of the Claremont Colleges’ Republican and Democrat student groups have chosen a candidate to represent, and each surrogate will have a chance to make the case for his or her candidate.

Finally, two students from each group will square off in a final debate to try and answer the question: Why is your party the best one to lead the country?

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Live: Airtalk hosts student debate at Claremont


Zach Courser, Research Director of the Dreier Roundtable and visiting Assistant Professor of government at Claremont McKenna College. He tweets from @zcourser

Lorn Foster, Professor of American Government and Politics at Pomona College

David Menefee-Libey, Professor of Politics at Pomona College. He tweets from @DMenefeeLibey

Vanessa Tyson, Assistant Professor of Politics at Scripps College. She tweets from @VanessaCTyson

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