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PBS doc explores the bad — and the good — of Big Data

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(L-R) Director and producer Sandy Smolan, Linda Avey, co-founder and CEO Are Curious, Inc., executive producer Rick Smolan and Sue Karlin, science, technology and arts journalist, speak onstage during 'The Human Face of Big Data' panel. Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Paper trails are a thing of the past.

Today, everything we do leaves a digital trace; whether you’re updating your Facebook status, using your credit card at a parking meter or wearing a heart monitor. 

Some data, like your browser history, is collected and sold to advertisers, while other data is collected to predict natural disasters. But in a world that relies on technology for virtually everything, why are other people determining what is done with the data we’ve produced?  

The documentary “The Human Face of Big Data” sheds light on how our information is being used and the anticipated dangers of collecting such an overwhelming amount of data. Filmmakers Sandy and Rick Smolan join us today to discuss their documentary.

“The Human Face of Big Data" will premiere nationally on PBS on Wednesday, Feb. 24 10 p.m. PT and will be available online beginning Feb. 25, at Use promo code "Humandata" for a free 60-day subscription.


Sandy Smolan, director and producer of the PBS documentary, "The Human Face of Big Data"

Rick Smolan, co-author of the book “The Human Face of Big Data” and executive producer of the documentary; he is also a former TIME, LIFE and National Geographic photographer; Rick tweets from @RickSmolan

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