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Sharp exchanges between Bernie and Hillary spark gender politics controversy

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Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speak during the CNN Democratic Presidential Primary Debate. Scott Olson/Getty Images

Despite all the back and forth over policy at Sunday night's Democratic debate, it was Bernie Sanders' rebuke of Hillary Clinton that most stoked online conversation.

Some said they were outraged that Sanders would behave so sexistly. Others thought the criticism of Sanders played to stereotypes of women needing protection. This has struck a nerve on both sides.

Was Sanders’ response to Clinton something you think he'd never do with a man? If so, why not? Does the criticism of Sanders imply Clinton needs protecting from a male candidate? Is this merely an example of heavy users of social media's need to find something to respond to emotionally? Are we dealing with users who've developed an ongoing emotional need to react?


Lori Cox Han, Professor of Political Science, Chapman University; Author, "In It to Win It: Electing Madam President" (Bloomsbury; 2015)

Jennifer Lawless, Director, Women & Politics Institute at American University; Professor Government; Author "Running from Office: Why Young Americans Are Turned Off to Politics" (Oxford University Press; 2015)


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