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How should the LA River be revamped and whom should it serve?

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A train crosses the Los Angeles River on November 20, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. David McNew/Getty Images

The Los Angeles River is ready for its close-up.

Once a neglected LA footnote running 51 miles between the San Fernando Valley to Compton, the river has been the focus of intense efforts to turn it into something residents of Los Angeles can enjoy – and be proud of.

In 2014, the Army Corps of Engineers agreed to replace 11 miles of the river with wetlands, green terraces, cafes and bike paths. Last year, it was revealed that famed architect Frank Gehry was working – for free – to come up with a redesign for the entire river.

These developments have journalist Richard Kreitner asking whether the new LA River, whatever guise it ends up assuming, would only be a place the rich can enjoy.


Richard Kreitner, assistant editor of special projects at The Nation and author of the article, “Will the Los Angeles River Become a Playground for the Rich?” He tweets @richardkreitner

Omar Brownson, executive director of L.A. River Corp., a nonprofit organization focused on the development of the L.A. River

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