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Experts debate controversial FDA move to regulate e-cigs like tobacco

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In this photo illustration, a man smokes an E-Cigarette at the V-Revolution E-Cigarette shop. Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Hundreds of electronic cigarette brands will have to undergo federal review to stay on the market under new rules that have the potential to upend a multibillion-dollar industry attempting to position itself as an alternative to traditional cigarettes.

The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday released long-awaited rules that bring the burgeoning industry under federal oversight. The changes will limit e-cigarette sales to minors and require new health warnings. In a shift vigorously opposed by the industry, manufacturers must seek federal permission to continue marketing all e-cigarettes launched since 2007, making up the vast majority of the market.

The vaping industry argues the move to combine tobacco products with e-cigarettes, which contain no tobacco, is a political move that will make it more difficult for consumers to buy e-cigarettes in place of tobacco. Meanwhile in California, Governor Brown has signed a law raising the age at which you can buy cigarettes to 21.

Read the rule here


Sarah Karlin-Smith, health care reporter at Politico specializing in the policy and politics that affect the drug industry

Tony Abboud, national legislative director for the Vapor Technology Association

Frank Leone, Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center

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