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Predicting the effects of climate change… while experiencing them in real time

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A ground water level sign emphasizes the urgency of a drought-related water supply emergency in the community of Lake of the Woods in Los Padres National Forest near Frazier Park, California. David McNew/Getty Images

Since the 1970s, climate change has been looked at and talked about as something happening in the future, that our kids will have to deal with.

Well, forty years later those kids are definitely grown and over the weekend NASA released data marking April as the seventh straight month that global temperatures have surpassed previous high records. 2016 is poised to be the hottest our Earth has experienced in a very, very long time and we can already feel it.


Jeremy Miller, environmental reporter, most recent is “Droughtlandia” in Pacific Standard 

Gavin Schmidt, climate scientist, director of Goddard Institute for Space Studies at Columbia Univeristy

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