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NY Times Supreme Court guru on the big cases left to be decided this session

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The U.S. Supreme Court winds down its current session at the end of this month. Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The U.S. Supreme Court winds down its current session at the end of this month, and the panel of eight justices still have some major rulings to parse through concerning issues like immigration, abortion, and affirmative action.

In all, 24 opinions are still left to be issued before the final gavel bangs.

While some of the more impactful rulings may not come down until later this month, the Supreme Court did say today that it would take another look at a case arguing that political leaders in Virginia gerrymandered electoral maps to keep African-American voters from having as much of a say. They also said they would hear the cases of two death row inmates from Texas, one of whom says discrimination affected his sentencing and another who says he shouldn't be put to death because of intellectual disability.

Still to come down are rulings on Fisher v. University of Texas, which deals with how colleges and universities use race in deciding who gets admitted, as well as United States v. Texas, which is the challenge from Texas and several other states to President Obama’s executive action on immigration.


Adam Liptak, Supreme Court reporter for the New York Times; he tweets @adamliptak

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