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Pomona College adds commitment to ‘diversity’ to tenure requirements

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The Peter Stanley Academic Quad was completed in 2008. It is surrounded by three of Pomona College's historic academic buildings: Pearsons (1898), Mason (1923) and Crookshank (1922). Courtesy Pomona College (Flickr)

Last fall, students at Pomona College started a petition urging the administration to update the school’s promotion and tenure requirements for professors.

Among the changes they want is for professors to be required to foster "inclusive classrooms that support diversity and equity outcomes" on campus.

That appeal has now become a reality. In May, faculty at Pomona College voted to update the school’s tenure criteria with an eye toward promoting campus diversity. How would it work in practice? What are the tradeoffs?


Eric Hurley, an associate professor of psychology and Africana studies at Pomona College. He’s one of the professors who worked on the policy changes

Ashley Thorne, Executive Director, National Association of Scholars, an organization devoted to promoting academic freedom in American higher education

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