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Can Trump persuade donors to fund his campaign?

by Brianna Flores | AirTalk®

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Pins supporting Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump are seen for sale at a campaign rally on June 1, 2016 in Sacramento, California. Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images

With primary elections out of the way and the GOP convention fast approaching, some are beginning to wonder if Donald Trump has enough time to garner enough financial support from Republican donors.

Instead of scheduling fundraisers, GOP critics say Trump is wasting time picking fights and settling scores. The Associated Press reported that Trump invested $43 million through the end of this past April, touting his independence from donors and lobbyists as a crucial difference between himself and the other candidates.

Trump’s independence is a major reason his supporters chose him over the other candidates, but he likely won’t be claiming independence for long. Campaigning is an expensive, and Trump will be needing wealthy donors soon enough. Is it too late to raise enough money to successfully compete in the campaign?


Julie Bykowicz, politics reporter based in Washington D.C., Associated Press; she covers money on the campaign trail. Julie tweets from @bykowicz

Alfred Balitzer, a professor emeritus of American government, Claremont McKenna College; he was also the senior consultant to former President Ronald Reagan’s reelection campaign in 1984

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