The reality of terrorist attacks around the world

The Los Angeles Times recently came out with a story that rounded up the number of deaths and injuries incurred by terror attacks worldwide for the month of April.

The confirmed death toll was 858 in 27 countries, with 1,385 injuries.

With high profile attacks such as San Bernardino, Orlando, Paris and Brussels, fear of terrorism has been at the forefront of many people’s minds in the west, but the most affected areas of the world can be overshadowed by threats to the U.S. and Europe.

But the number attacks have actually decreased since last year, while the nature of them has become more deadly.

So what can we learn from the attacks that don’t get the spotlight? Today Patt Morrison joins Braden Goyette, a reporter who worked on the story and terrorism expert, Brian Michael Jenkins, to discuss how terror is evolving globally.


Brian Michael Jenkins, Senior Advisor to the President of the Rand Corporation and one of the nation's leading experts on terrorism and homeland security. He tweets @BrianMJenkins

Braden Goyette, Assistant Foreign/National Editor at Los Angeles Times who contributed to the article, “858 killed: Not a day in April passed without a terror attack.” She tweets @bcgoyette