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Majority of drivers attest to being better than average, poll says

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A new Ipsos survey examines how Americans define and obey the rules of the road. Michael Nagle/Getty Images

A new Ipsos survey examines how Americans define and obey the rules of the road - such as the all-holy left passing lane, speeding over 10 miles per hour, and negotiating space with other drivers.

Since most respondents (8 in 10) said their driving skills are above average, the self-reporting data might not be entirely truthful. For instance, when asked how often the respondent, when going at the speed limit or below, changes lanes to let others pass, 60 percent said they often move over and only 7 percent said never. Is that what you observe on the road?

Only 16 percent of respondents said they often drive at least 10 mph above the speed limit on highways, 44 percent said they do it occasionally, and 33 percent said they never do. For the Millennials breakout data: nearly one in five say they often engage in the practice of "slowing down to annoy or educate people who want them to move over."

The good news is that most drivers seem to at least know the rules. About seven in ten seniors (aged 55 and older) and six in ten from younger ages agree that the far-left lane is for passing, not cruising.


Julia Clark, Senior Vice President at Ipsos polling firm; she tweets @PollsterJulia

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