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Doing the math: When is it worth it to own an EV or hybrid in California?

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The hybrid cars are seen at the Honda dealership on September 1, 2005 in San Francisco, California. Is it efficient to own a hybrid in California? David Paul Morris/Getty Images

A new report from consulting firm Vincentric LLC finds that, more often than not, it’s not worth it to own a hybrid.

Of 29 hybrid cars covered in the survey, only seven proved to be cheaper to own and operation than their comparable gas-powered counterparts. But in a place like Southern California, the same rules don’t all apply. 

To do the math on when it makes sense to buy and EV or hybrid, and when it doesn’t, Larry Mantle is joined by KPCC’s Sue Carpenter. Do you own a hybrid? Has it been cheaper for you in the long run?


Susan Carpenter, Co-host of KPCC’s The Ride, and former car critic for the Los Angeles Times and Orange County Register; she tweets at @CarpenterWheels

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