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Analyzing officer involved fatalities in South LA, Pasadena, El Cajon, Sacramento

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Protesters lock arms as officers amass after an unlawful assembly is declared near the site where an unarmed black man, Alfred Olango, 38, had been shot by police earlier this week on September 29, 2016 in El Cajon, California. David McNew/Getty Images

In recent days, a spate of officer involved shootings, Tasering, and associated video footage of fatalities has spurred protests from El Cajon through LA and up to Sacramento.

In South LA on Saturday, LAPD officers shot fatally an 18-year-old black man, Carnell Snell Jr., after a car chase. Police have said a weapon was found near the scene. Snell's family has said officers would not have fired shots if Snell was not black.

Also in South LA on Sunday, LAPD says a man was shot and killed by officers responding to reports of a man with a gun. Officer Liliana Preciado says a firearm was recovered at the scene and that the shooting occurred after officers approached two Hispanic men, one of whom matched the description in the initial call of a suspect with a gun. In Pasadena on Friday, Pasadena Police responded to a 911 call from a man saying his brother was intoxicated and holding a knife. Officers say the man, Reginald Thomas, 35, refused to follow orders, so they used a Taser to attempt to disarm him. After a physical fight ensued and he was restrained, he stopped breathing and died at the scene.

In El Cajon on Friday, police released video showing what unfolded last Tuesday when an officer shot fatally a black man, Alfred Olango, 38.

And in Sacramento on Friday, police dashboard video (and audio enhancements conducted by The Sacramento Bee) of a July 11 incident shows officers attempting to hit a man, Joseph Mann, 50, with their cruiser then shooting him 14 times.


Tim Williams, retired LAPD Senior Detective Supervisor (Robbery-Homicide Division), 1974-2003; Expert on police procedure and use-of-force for state and federal courts; owner of T.T. Williams Jr. investigations

David A. Klinger, Professor of Criminology & Criminal Justice, University of Missouri--St.Louis ; former LAPD and Redmond, Washington patrol officer 

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