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Passionate about podcasts? Tell us your faves

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A man listens to an iPod MP3 player through earphones August 17, 2005 in Sydney, Australia. Ian Waldie/Getty Images

NPR has launched a new podcast about...drumroll....podcasts!

"The Big Listen" with host Lauren Ober wades through a vast volume of new "pods" - from small-town true crime to government agency pods to grammar shows hosted by heavy drinkers - so she can recommend something for everyone. A growing minority of Americans are listening to podcasts, according to 2016 survey data from Edison research. It shows 21 percent of Americans age 12 or older have listened to a podcast in the past month - that's almost 100 percent growth since 2013.

What are your most beloved podcasts and why?

AirTalk producers' lists include "Keepin' It 1600" and "Radio Free GOP" hosted by incisive and funny political strategists; "The Read" for its blend of hip hop, pop culture and comedy; and "I am Rapaport" in which actor/director Michael Rapaport waxes offensive about life, sports and culture.

If you need a refresher on how to listen to a podcast, check in here


Lauren Ober, Host of NPR’s The Big Listen, a weekly podcast all about podcasts

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