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Weighing the potential for budget in-fighting between Trump, Congressional Republicans

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NOVEMBER 10: President-elect Donald Trump meets with House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) at the U.S. Capitol for a meeting November 10, 2016 in Washington, DC. Zach Gibson/Getty Images

With a Republican-controlled House and Senate, on paper it would seem Donald Trump’s ability to pass legislation is essentially unfettered by typical partisan bickering.

However, the President-elect may have more of a challenge in getting fiscal conservatives on board with his early plans, like his call for a $1 trillion overhaul of the nation’s infrastructure. He’s also promised increased defense spending and, of course, the border wall that has become a staple item for his campaign as well as increased spending on border security.

However, this clashes directly with Paul Ryan and the GOP establishment’s ‘Better Way’ plan, their blueprint for smaller government with significantly decreased spending. Ryan was nominated Tuesday for another term as Speaker of the House, so he and President-elect Trump have work ahead if they want to continue showcasing GOP unity while still getting work done to pass legislation through Congress. Trump really doesn’t fall in line with any established wing of the conservative movement, a significant departure from the way things were during much of John Boehner’s term as Speaker, which was highlighted by GOP in-fighting between establishment and Tea Party conservatives.

How might things be different this time around with Paul Ryan as Speaker? What can be learned from the GOP’s history of budget in-fighting with Tea Party conservatives? Who is more likely to back down on their agenda, Congressional Republicans or a Trump White House?


Lisa Mascaro, reporter for the Los Angeles Times covering Congress in Washington, D.C.; she tweets @lisamascaro

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