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From President Obama to Harry Reid: should never-Trumpers take an alarmist or diplomatic approach?

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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) speaks at a news conference discussing the election results on Capitol Hill on November 7, 2012 in Washington, DC. Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

It’s been a tough week-and-a-half for those who didn’t, and still don’t, support President-elect Trump.

Some are adamant that they not normalize a Trump presidency, even likening his election to the steady rise of Nazism, but others say that comparison is way out of line, and while they are deeply disappointed by last week’s election results, they must acclimate to a “new normal.” There’s also distinction among anti-Trump leaders. Critics like The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank have criticized President Obama and Hillary Clinton for approaching the post-election with a relatively dispassionate and calm tone. Others have lauded Harry Reid’s persistent condemnation of Trump.

How do you think leaders should conduct themselves? Are they obligated to call for calm and take a diplomatic tact? Or should they openly express their condemnation? If you’re someone who doesn’t support Trump, how are you talking about the election with your friends and family? Do you feel obligated to take a positive tone, or do you feel this election is too important and unprecedented for you to do that?


Shane Goldmacher, senior political reporter at POLITICO, where he covered the 2016 presidential campaign

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