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What to watch for in today’s Trump University hearing in San Diego

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Real estate mogul Donald Trump (background) speaks as course material stands on display during a news conference announcing the establishment of Trump University May 23, 2005 in New York City. Mario Tama/Getty Images

A U.S. District Judge in San Diego will hear arguments today from lawyers representing Donald Trump about postponing the federal civil case against Trump University, the President-elect’s now-belly-up real estate school, until after his January 20th inauguration.

Currently, the trial is scheduled to begin November 28th, but Trump’s lawyers are expected to argue that, given the all-consuming nature of the transition to the White House, the trial should wait until after he takes office. This week, they also requested that more information on how the pool of about 100 jurors being considered for the trial were summoned and chosen. Trump will not be present in San Diego for the hearing and will likely give any testimony via video. Lawyers for the plaintiffs in the class action suit want the trial to go on as planned, even if it means losing any further testimony from Mr. Trump.

The case, a class-action suit brought by former Trump University enrollees, alleges that Trump University not only falsely claimed to be run by instructors that Mr. Trump hand-picked, but also falsely purported to be an accredited university and was really just an infomercial claiming it would teach students inside secrets to real estate success but in reality just shook students down for even more money.


Greg Moran, investigative reporter for the San Diego Union Tribune; he tweets @gregmoran

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