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KPCC’s #VoterGamePlan: What you need to know about LA’s municipal elections

by AirTalk®

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KPCC's Voter Game Plan campaign for election coverage that comes with an attitude and perspective: We don’t just want to put out stories, we want to prepare you to vote. Maya Sugarman and Katie Briggs/ KPCC

It’s election time again.

Ballot measures are on the table for L.A. on March 7, and AirTalk has got you covered. We’re breaking down Measures S, H, M and N with KPCC reporters Rina Palta, Josie Huang, Mary Plummer and Jacob Margolis to help you cast your vote.

L.A. municipal Measure S would require development project approval that may affect housing for the homeless and county-wide Measure H would implement a quarter-cent sales tax to fund homeless services. And Measures M would let city council to regulate and tax the sale of marijuana. Measure N would keep city council from altering commercial marijuana sale and tax guidelines established by Prop. 64.

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Rina Palta, KPCC Correspondent covering Southern California's social safety net

Josie Huang, KPCC Reporter covering housing and changing neighborhoods

Jacob Margolis, Associate Producer on KPCC’s Take Two; he’s been following marijuana law

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