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It’s not just about the java: What’s your favorite coffee space in LA?

by AirTalk®

Go Get Em Tiger coffee shop in Larchmont Village (from the book "Coffee Culture: Hot Coffee + Cool Spaces" by Robert Schneider). Priscilla Rodriguez

Coffee is big business and it’s no more evident in Southern California.

From the ubiquitous Starbucks to artisan darlings like Intelligentsia and Blue Bottle to the DIY neighborhood coffee joint, there are plenty of options for coffee lovers in L.A.

But a solid cup of joe has become just one element of the consummate coffee culture experience. For this AirTalk segment, we want to know what is your favorite coffee space in L.A. - a place not just known for its java, but for the atmosphere, the vibe, the je ne sais quoi.

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Some AirTalk listeners weigh in:

Cafe Culture in Pasadena

"It's a really friendly, wonderful n' pop...the owners will even introduce you to other people that they think you could work with...they're just so sweet...been going there for many years." - Mars in Hollywood

Le Pain Quotidien in Westwood

"I'm much much more interested in the sonic space [unlike architectural]...[it] has a commitment to relative quiet...I've never heard anything but some low-volume, relatively soft classical music on the soundtrack." - Ralph in West Hollywood

Paper or Plastik Cafe on Pico Blvd

"It has a very cute vibe, it almost looks like something Hollywood would put together: high ceiling, mismatched chairs, nice baristas, a menu that changes with daily specials, plus a dance studio in back...(Larry: wow so you can work off your cappuccino!)" - Esther in the Pico-Robertson district

Cafe Tropical-Cuban Bakery in Silver Lake

"I like the outdoor tables, I like the fact that they keep dishes with water in them for different people that come with their dogs, I like their coffee...[the owners are] from Cuba and they serve really good cafe con leche; the best espresso this side of Miami!" - Tess in Ventura

Balconi Coffee Company on Olympic Blvd

"Great vibe, great coffee and one of probably the few places that does siphon coffee outlets, no Wi-Fi, so you're forced to talk to people which is also great cause I've met so many great people from there...artists, animators, you name it...roasts own beans." - Joey in West LA

The Coffee Gallery in Altadena

"I really like it because it has many local artists that that they can sell their paintings, and it changes often...(Larry: also a performance venue!)...[and]

Kaldi Coffe & Tea in South Pasadena

"'s housed in one of the oldest buildings in South Pasadena, which used to a long time ago be a bank, and it just has a nice little neighborhood feeling; mismatched chairs...friendly...and you're right across the street from our beautiful library that was built in the '20s. Gorgeous neighborhood feeling, just really fun." - Kathleen in South Pasadena

Royal Cup Cafe in Long Beach

"I think the guy who owns that place traveled the world to find the most comfortable seats." - Reggie Long Beach


Robert Schneider, author of the new book, “Coffee Culture: Hot Coffee + Cool Spaces” (Images Publishing, 2017)

Blue Bottle Coffee in Downtown LA (from the book "Coffee Culture: Hot Coffee + Cool Spaces" by Robert Schneider).
Blue Bottle Coffee in Downtown LA (from the book "Coffee Culture: Hot Coffee + Cool Spaces" by Robert Schneider). Jose A. Sanchez
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