Can Women’s March movement translate Women’s Day into actionable protest?

Today marks International Women’s Day.

It started back in 1911, but this year's observance comes amid questions over the direction of the women's' movement. A day after President Trump's inauguration, huge crowds turned out in cities around the world. The question now for women's' leaders is how to take the excitement of that day and strategically move forward.

One idea was calling for a women's strike today. Dubbed "A Day Without a Woman," it echoes last month's "Day Without An Immigrant." Women are being encouraged to avoid work in or out of home, to show their value to society. But the idea has also garnered intense backlash. What is the intended message? And what other options are there for advancing the women's movement, given the diversity of issues of concern?


Jia Tolentino, a contributing writer for newyorker.com; she wrote about the women's strike