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Debating California Assemblymembers’ new ‘debt-free college’ proposal

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Graduating Stanford University students partcipate in the "Wacky Walk" before the start of the 123rd Stanford commencement ceremony June 15, 2014 in Stanford, California. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

College affordability has emerged as a major economic and social issue.

To that end, a group of California Assembly Democrats are proposing a general college aid plan that would cover tuition -- and also some living expenses -- for Cal State and UC students. It would also increase grants to community college students and cover the first year of tuition for full-time students, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The price tag, however, would be hefty. The program is estimated to cost the state $1.6 billion a year.


Assemblyman Jose Medina (D-Riverside, Moreno Valley), chair of the Assembly Higher Education Committee who supports the proposal that will be announced today

Jessie Ryan, executive vice president of the Campaign for College Opportunity, a California-based non profit

Neal McCluskey, director of the Center for Educational Freedom at the Cato Institute


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