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Intersex author Hida Viloria embraces being ‘born both’

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Intersex activist and writer Hida Viloria. Courtesy of Hida Viloria

Being intersex is about as common as being born with red hair.

But it might not feel like it, because when you’re intersex, you’re biologically both - or neither - male and female.

This is different from gender identity and sexual orientation. An intersex person can be straight or LGBTQ, and often wrestles between two cisgender worlds laced with discrimination and misinformation.

Hida Viloria was chromosomally born as an XX female but with physical traits identifying more as male. It wasn’t until age 27 that Viloria discovered s/he (pronounced “she”) was intersex, and has since become an outspoken activist and educator on the intersex life.

Host Larry Mantle speaks with Viloria about her new book “Born Both: An Intersex Life.”


Hida Viloria, intersex activist, writer and author of “Born Both: An Intersex Life” (Hachette Books, 2017); s/he tweets @HidaViloria

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