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CA bill would prevent local authorities from cooperating with feds on marijuana

by Natalie Chudnovsky | AirTalk®

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File: A marijuana plant is displayed during the 2016 Cannabis Business Summit & Expo in Oakland. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A bill introduced by six California legislators in February would prohibit state and local law enforcement from helping federal drug agents arrest and investigate marijuana license holders unless they receive a court order, effectively creating a sanctuary for the cannabis industry here.

Proponents argue the bill will protect sellers and growers applying for state licenses from a federal crackdown. But some members of local law enforcement have come out against the measure, calling it an unnecessary obstacle.

We talk to the lead author of the bill and the president of the California State Sheriff’s Association about the pros and cons of the legislation.


Reggie Jones-Sawyer, (D-Los Angeles) CA assemblymember serving the 59th district and the lead author of the bill, AB 1578

Donny Youngblood, Kern County Sheriff and president of the California State Sheriff’s Association


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