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What’s in Gov. Jerry Brown’s revised state budget

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California governor Jerry Brown talks about new efforts to cope with climate change during a panel discussion at the 18th annual Milken Institute Global Conference on April 29, 2015. David McNew/Getty Images

California Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday unveiled a revised state budget proposal, and big items include health care funding and tax collections.

As the most populous state in the nation, there’s a lot at stake in the announcement. The state has been at odds with the Trump Administration over issues such as sanctuary laws and environmental regulations. So what’s in the revised budget?

KPCC senior politics reporter Mary Plummer offers AirTalk some of the early highlights from the 92-page summary of what Brown calls a “wary and prudent” budget:

  • $124 billion general fund budget, up from $122.5 billion in Brown’s January proposal
  • slight increase in revenues since January — $2.5 billion — which Brown attributes to the stock market
  • includes additional $1.4 billion for K–12 education via the local control funding formula
  • $500 million child care package — Brown had planned to cut it but restored it in this latest revision

California has until June 15 to pass a final budget. The next couple weeks will see negotiations back and forth in the state Legislature.


Mary Plummer, senior politics reporter for KPCC

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