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CEO of Permanente Medical Group on how to fix healthcare

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Dr. Jason Greenspan (L) and emergency room nurse Junizar Manansala care for a patient in the ER of Mission Community Hospital. David McNew/Getty Images

For Robert Pearl, MD, the little problems that arise from relying on paper medical records can lead to huge oversights in preventive care.

But by digitizing these records, we improve the knowledge that doctors bring to treating patients.

That’s just one of the problems that the CEO of The Permanente Medical Group tackles in his book, “Mistreated,” where he takes on the US healthcare system. According to Pearl, our healthcare relies on a fee-for-service model that can be modernized so that it better suits the needs of patients.

Host Larry Mantle speaks with Pearl about the ways we can improve our healthcare, and how we can better understand what the real problems are.


Robert Pearl, M.D., executive director and CEO of the Permanente Medical Group, and author of “Mistreated: Why We Think We’re Getting Good Health Care—and Why We’re Usually Wrong;” he tweets @RobertPearlMD

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