What should be the regulations for Airbnb in LA?

As Los Angeles moves closer to finalizing new regulations for short-term rentals, a major dispute has emerged: how many rental days should a property be allowed?

City officials say a 180-day limit will discourage companies from taking apartments off L.A.’s tight housing market and turning them into short-term rentals. Home-sharing giant Airbnb, on the other hand, says a cap would hurt the earning potential of hosts who are not investors and depend on the rentals to stay afloat financially. Lastly, some advocates of affordable housing say a cap of 90 days or less would better discourage landlords from moving units off the long-term rental market.

The regulations could get a hearing as early as Tuesday, when the City Council's Planning and Land Use Management Committee meets. Its recommendation would be forwarded to the full council for a vote.

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Becky Dennison, executive director of Venice Community Housing, a non-profit that aims to provide affordable housing, education and support services in Venice

Christopher Nulty, Airbnb’s North and South America's Public Affairs Lead