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What’s next for the LAPD Cadets program?

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Cadets in the LAPD's Newton Division are required to go through a 16-week academy that takes place on Saturdays. Brian De Los Santos/OnCentral

Over the weekend more than 450 LAPD cadets graduated from the youth program.

The ceremony was uncharacteristically solemn after a rough couple of weeks in the news. It all started with reports of cadets joyriding in stolen police cruisers and escalated to LA Police Chief Charlie Beck personally arresting a 31-year-old officer for allegedly having sex with an underage cadet. Then law enforcement found more than a hundred firearms when searching the accused officer’s home.

There are now calls for an investigation of the LAPD cadets program and their other youth initiatives. What does all this mean for the program’s future and the at-risk kids it was designed for?

Guest host Libby Denkmann in for Larry Mantle


Kate Mather, reporter covering the LAPD for the Los Angeles Times; she authored the article, “Police commissioner calls for inspector general to investigate LAPD’s troubled cadet program

Mitchell Englander, LA City Councilmember for the 12th District; he’s calling for an investigation and audit of all LAPD youth programs; he tweets @Mitch_Englander

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