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The boy who lived (and the readers who grew up with him), 20 years later

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Harry Potter fans prepare to take a steam train from Sydney Central Station to a secret location for the much anticipated unveiling of the final novel by author J.K. Rowling. Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

In 1997, the first “Harry Potter” book was published in the U.K., and twenty years later, kids and adults still dream of receiving their Hogwarts acceptance letters.

In the two decades since its publication, the series has become a worldwide phenomenon, arguably changing the landscape of children’s book publishing, and spawning a wildly successful movie franchise, as well as podcasts, fanfiction, theme parks, wrock bands (that’s wizard rock bands, for you muggles) and a fair share of controversy.

What did Harry Potter mean to you growing up? Do you have any fond memories of going to midnight-release parties or staying up until the wee hours of the morning to binge read the books? How do you keep the magic alive now?

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Guest host Libby Denkmann in for Larry Mantle


Maureen Palacios, owner of Once Upon A Time, the oldest children’s bookstore in the country, located in Montrose 

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