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AirTalk check-in: LA City and County on homelessness

by AirTalk®

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A homeless encampment located around the Santa Ana Civic Center in Orange County. Jill Replogle/KPCC

Statistics demonstrating the dire state of homelessness in Los Angeles abound: the county homeless population climbed 23% over the last year; one in five local community college students are homeless, and a 5% rent increase will push 2,000 more people into homelessness.

Meanwhile, the city recently committed to hosting the 2028 Olympics, leading many to wonder what will happen to the city’s homeless population over the next decade. 

In light of this, Larry sits down with representatives from LA City and County and KPCC’s Rina Palta to discuss city and county perspectives on homelessness, including Measures H and HHH; the Trump administration’s role in funding affordable housing in LA; and the closing of the Antelope Valley homeless shelter.


Rina Palta, correspondent for KPCC, covering Southern California's social safety net; she tweets @KPCCrina911

Brenda Shockley, Deputy Mayor for Economic Opportunity in the City of Los Angeles

Phil Ansell, director of the Los Angeles County Homeless Initiative

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