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Back to School: AirTalk listeners share stories about their most influential teachers

by AirTalk®

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Science teacher Virginia Escobar-Cheng works with her students in a science class in a high school in Homestead, Florida, on March 10, 2017. RHONA WISE/AFP/Getty Images

With the new school year upon us, teachers are readying themselves for upcoming academic challenges.

From handling large classes and standardized test prep to protecting student rights, teachers are in a constant balancing act all while pulling a 60+ hour week. No matter what your opinion might be about the education system, one thing is certain: Teachers play a significant role in our lives. Last week, AirTalk invited K-12 teachers in Los Angeles to share with us what changes they hope to see in the new school year. School is finally in session and we want to hear stories from listeners about your most influential teachers.

Maybe it was a history teacher who enlightened you about race and class in the U.S. It could have been someone who dressed in red to make a statement in support of public schools, or a special ed instructor recognizing potential in a foster kid.

Which teacher made the biggest impression on you? How did they change your life? What makes you think of them years after stepping out of their classroom? Call us at 866-893-5722.

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