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The worst-case scenario of the housing crisis: Homelessness

by AirTalk®

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Los Angeles Police Department officers patrol on bicycles past a homeless man napping with cigarette in hand at his encampment on a downtown sidewalk in Los Angeles, California on June 7, 2017, a city facing a growing homeless population and less affordable housing. FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images

All week, KPCC is looking at the worsening housing crisis in Southern California, looking at the origin of the problem, where we stand, and the potential solutions.

Today, AirTalk opens up the phones to talk to Southern Californians who have experienced or are currently homeless.

The number of homeless people in Los Angeles County has gone up 23 percent from last year, according to the annual homeless census. Rising rents is a major culprit of the problem.


Rina Palta, a correspondent for KPCC, covering homeless issues and the social safety net in Southern California

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