DACA latest: potential lawsuits, the use of data for deportation and more

The fallout continues from yesterday’s announcement by Attorney General Jeff Sessions that DACA is being phased out.

The Trump Administration claims President Obama had no legal authority to create DACA protections for children brought to the U.S. illegally. It’s asking Congress to deal with it. California’s State Attorney Xavier Becerra has vowed to file a lawsuit challenging DACA’s termination.

How would the court battle play out? AirTalk brings you the latest on the political and legal battle over DACA.


Domenico Montanaro, lead political editor at NPR, who’s been following the story; he tweets @DomenicoNPR

Josh Blackman, an associate professor of Law at the South Texas College of Law who specializes in constitutional law; he is the author of “Unprecedented: The Constitutional Challenge to Obamacare” (Public Affairs, 2013); he tweets @JoshMBlackman 

Shoba Sivaprasad Wadhia, clinical law professor and director at the Center for Immigrants’ Rights Clinic at Pennsylvania State University; she tweets @shobawadhia

Issie Lapowsky, senior writer for WIRED where she covers national affairs and politics; her latest piece is “The Feds Promised to Protect Dreamer Data. Now What?”; she tweets @issielapowsky