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What’s the future of Gov. Jerry Brown’s delta tunnel project?

by Sharon McNary | AirTalk®

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A fisherman casts his line into the Sacramento River in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta on September 29, 2005. David McNew/Getty Images

The fate of a project that could cost Southern California water consumers billions of dollars hangs on a vote Tuesday at the Metropolitan Water District.

It’s the California Water Fix. A $17-billion plan championed by Gov. Jerry Brown to build giant water tunnels under the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. It would change how Northern California water is conveyed to the southern part of the state.

Who votes on the project? Read the full story here.

The MWD board meeting with the vote will be at noon.


Sharon McNary, KPCC’s infrastructure reporter who’s been following the story; she’s reporting from the Metropolitan Water District board meeting

Eric Bergh, manager of resources at Calleguas Municipal Water District, which imports and distributes water to most of Ventura County; his focus includes environmental review, developer fees and conservation

Jeffrey Michael, executive director, Center for Business and Policy Research, at the University of the Pacific in Sacramento, where he focuses on environmental economics and regional economic forecasting

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