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New Report: Half Of Recent College Graduates Under- Or Unemployed

After a controversial audit, a new proposal suggests limiting UC autonomy

AirTalk debates an amendment proposed yesterday to diminish the UC system's autonomy, with changes that would allow the Legislature to fund the UC Office of the President and take away the UC president's voting rights. We also discuss new technology being used to test drivers for marijuana use across the state, the uptick in Americans working over 65, and more.

Los Angeles Sheriff Jim McDonnell

LA County Sheriff weighs in on recent DC trip, California’s sanctuary state bill, Baca conviction and more

Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell stops by AirTalk's studios for his regular check-in; an update on former CIA director John Brennan's testimony today; a partisan analysis of Trump's new budget plan; debating a new state bill that would implement sliding-scale traffic fines for low-income drivers; and more.

Implementing Prop 57: Should non-violent sex offenders be eligible for parole?

Last year, California voters approved a parole process overhaul for the state via Prop 57 after a heated debate about what the bill could mean for sex offenders convicted of non-violent crimes - we dive into the bill's new guidelines. We'll also cover the latest in a busy weekend of politics; what is "stealthing"?; and more.

Massachussetts To Enact Mandatory Health Insurance Law

New California bill may keep drug companies from giving doctors gifts

After a long week of being slammed with political news, AirTalk goes D.C. free today! We debate the new CA bill banning drug companies from making payments or sending gifts to doctors; a look at the steep increase in interracial marriages 50 years after Loving v. Virginia; an interview with Hollywood's first female film executive, Sherry Lansing; and more.

FBI Director Robert Mueller Testifies At Senate Judiciary Committee Of FBI Oversight

Who is Robert Mueller? And what to expect from the Russian probe in the coming months

AirTalk looks at former FBI director Robert Mueller's legacy and how special counsels have been used in the past after Mueller was tapped to head the investigation into the Trump campaign's Russia ties. We'll also speak with LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl on proposed board changes and LA's new public energy program; what's next for LAUSD after the Board of Education's new pro-charter majority?; and more.


Could the Comey memo bring down the presidency?

Yesterday, The New York Times reported that President Trump asked recently fired FBI Director Jim Comey to stop investigating former national security adviser Michael Flynn for his ties to Russia - but will this be the final straw in Trump's turbulent presidency? We'll also discuss the ethics of reporting on sensitive government intelligence; a New York bill intended to combat texting and driving, but may pose some privacy issues; and more.