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2017 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 2 - Day 3

For Coachella attendees, how do you approach drug use?

Coachella’s second weekend ended Sunday. And while music festival season has just begun, there have been longstanding questions about how to deal with drug use during these events; a state audit released last Tuesday found that the California Department of Motor Vehicles isn’t adequately preventing abuse of disabled parking permits; and more.

About 70 percent of Earth is covered by clouds at any given moment. Their interaction with climate isn't easy to study, scientists say; these shape-shifters move quickly.

What's the role of politics in science?

Fans and scientists alike will participate on Saturday in a national March for Science - will you participate and why? What is the role of politics in science?; we weigh the veracity of DHS Inspector General report saying ICE can’t handle increased deportations; plus, should the Oscars awards categories go gender neutral?; and more, on FilmWeek.

Pilot, former police officer explains why we can’t stop watching LA car chases

We’ll talk with KTLA pilot reporter Tim Lynn, who has seen hundreds of car chases, about the appeal of the LA car chase; should selling homemade food be legal in California? We discuss a bill that aims to legalize the practice; plus, we ask listeners about their experiences with domestic violence; and more.

Ford Announces New Electrification Project With Los Angeles Police Department

LAPD Chief Beck on use-of-force and body cam policy changes, plummeting arrests in California and more

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck joins AirTalk for his monthly check-in - we'll talk about the latest law enforcement trends and take your questions; plus, the big SCOTUS case Justice Gorsuch will be hearing on church-state separation; and we also want to hear from AirTalk listeners about forgiveness - what helps you to move on, or what haven't you been able to let go of?; and more.


H-1B Executive Order: Debating the economic feasibility of ‘Buy American, Hire American’

President Trump is expected to sign an executive order today that calls on the government to 'buy American, hire American' whenever possible - we debate the pros & cons and its impact on the H-1B visa program. We'll also take a look at a new bill attempting to reform California's bail system; whether baseball is too boring; and more.

Los Angeles March Heat Wave Shatters Records

Major hiking path to the Hollywood Sign set to close

One of the most popular paths to the iconic Hollywood sign is about to shut down: the Beachwood path; we take a look at the strife between residents, tourists and City Hall, and why the decision was made. We'll also cover the latest in politics, falling numbers in LA's film and TV production; and more.