AirTalk for April 20, 2015

The State Water Resources Control Board on Friday released its revised plan for cutbacks. Also, one non-profit believes it has the answer to low voter turnout: Drawing for cash. Then, during this year's maple sugaring season in New England, harvesters have found a market for the pure maple waters to compete against the massive coconut water industry.
Residential Recycled Water Fill Stations Offer Water For Reuse On Lawns And Gardens

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AirTalk for April 9, 2015

South Carolina police officer Michael Slager is being charged with murder for the shooting death of Walter Scott after a video showing the incident was surfaced, and played a role in the decision. Also, Pew researchers report a notable gap in smartphone and internet use among white, African-American and Hispanic teens. Then, more companies are seeking out autistic employees.

beverly hills hotel rodeo

AirTalk for April 8, 2015

Despite calls to save water, Southern California saw an an increase of more than 2 percent in use for February compared to the same month in 2013, according to a report released Tuesday. Also, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti has unveiled a detailed strategy for environmental sustainability in Los Angeles. Then, Mary Norris dispenses her wisdoms on vexing spelling, punctuation, and grammatical issues we encounter everyday.

Rand Paul Announces His Candidacy For The Republican Presidential Nomination

AirTalk for April 7, 2015

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is officially running for president. Also, Christianity has been the world’s largest religion since 2010, with Islam coming in second. But if current demographic trends continue, researchers at PEW say Muslims will catch up by 2050, and could surpass Christianity by 2070. Then, several prominent black women say the TSA’s screening practices are discriminatory. Now the TSA plans to do something about it.

University Of Virginia Fraternity At Center Of Disputed Rolling Stone Magazine Story On Alleged Gang Rape Incident

AirTalk for April 6, 2015

Rolling Stone formally retracted the 9,000-word piece by writer Sabrina Rubin Erdely detailing an alleged gang rape at a University of Virginia frat house, after commissioning the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism to review the piece. Also, the Los Angeles City Council is considering reinstating a ban on people living in their vehicles. Then, the state of the home cooked meal is on a decline according to a survey.


AirTalk for April 3, 2015

In the wake of yesterday's Iran agreement, some in Congress are still leery of the deal and are moving forward with legislation that would give Congress a final vote on any deal. Also, as breast feeding becomes more popular, will there be a commercial market for breast milk? Then we look at the best racing films following today's release of 'Furious 7.'

California's Dept. Of Water Resources Conducts Snow Survey In Sierras

AirTalk for April 2, 2015

Amid the news that California’s snowpack has almost vanished, Gov. Jerry Brown ordered statewide cutbacks. Also, Los Angeles settled a class action lawsuit Wednesday brought on behalf of a quarter-million disabled city residents. Then, in “The Great Divide,” historian Thomas Fleming pits the competing visions of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and how their ideological battles helped shape the fledgling nation.