AirTalk for October 24, 2014

The Supreme Court will take up a case that will decide whether police have the right to inspect hotel records and if they need a warrant to obtain them. Also, the City of Oakland has approved a law allowing landlords to evict suspected sex workers. Then, zombies or demon possessions? What's your favorite horror film subgenre?
beverly hills hotel rodeo

Photo by Mark Weston via Flickr Creative Commons

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Ebola Virus Preparations At The Royal Free Hospital

AirTalk for October 15, 2014

A second nurse who treated Ebola patient Tim Duncan at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital has also contracted the virus. Also, cord cutters can rejoice over HBO's newly announced web-streaming service. Then, 31 companies are being sued for copying the iconic Converse Chuck Taylor shoe.

Schering Presents Results For 2005

AirTalk for October 14, 2014

Apple and Facebook says it'll pay for freezing the eggs of its women employees in hopes of keeping them on the job longer. Also, the Vatican's made its first public move indicating shifting views on divorce, gays and premarital sex within the Catholic Church. Then, author Elizabeth Royte breaks down the amount of food Americans waste.

Health Care Worker In Dallas Tests Positive For Ebola Virus

AirTalk for October 13, 2014

A Dallas nurse contracted Ebola at the same hospital that made headlines last week. Also, Los Angeles police intentionally over-reported the number of officers or patrol cars available to answer service calls, according to a report. Then, World-champion triathalete, Erin Beresini shares her world of obstacle course running in her latest book.

West African Countries Hold Meeting On Ebola Crisis During World Bank-IMF Annual Meetings

AirTalk for October 10, 2014

Centers for Disease Control Director Tom Frieden likened the current Ebola outbreak to the AIDS epidemic during a conference yesterday. Also, what does Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's flub about women seeking raises in the workplace say about attitudes toward women in the workplace? Then, it's TGI-Filmweek!

San Gabriel Mountains

AirTalk for October 9, 2014

President Obama will be in town to designate the San Gabriel Mountains as a national monument. Will the new status change the current use of the mountains for cyclists or drivers? Also, following the first U.S. export of oil in 40 years last July, should the U.S. increase their export of oil? Then, author Ethan Elkind delves into the past, present and future of Metro rail in the South land.

A man shops at a Walmart store in San Jose, Calif., in September. Wal-Mart on Thursday reported that its annual profits fell.

AirTalk for October 8, 2014

The nation's largest private employer,Wal-Mart, is eliminating part-time workers from coverage and hiking premium and co-payments for full-time employees. Also, San Francisco became the first city in the state to pass legislation to regulate Airbnb. Then, middle-class earners are trumping the wealthy when it comes to charity donations.