AirTalk for January 30, 2015

The Parks Forward Commission is working toward securing more funding to the 1.6 million acres of state parks throughout California. Also, ahead of what will likely be the most expensive election seasons in history, Mitt Romney announces he won't be running for the 2016 presidential election. Then, critics weigh in on the winners and losers at Sundance 2015.
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AirTalk for January 12, 2015

Dozens of world leaders joined French President Francois Hollande in a march of 3.7 million people marched across that country. Also, how do religions view icons, idols and symbols? Then, following Senate majority leader Harry Reid's exercise injury, what are the limits and the cautions the elderly need to be aware of?


AirTalk for January 9, 2015

A tumultuous week for law enforcement officials around Paris, France culminated today in two separate hostage situations. Also, Gov. Jerry Brown has released his proposed operating budget for 2015. Then, President Obama is in Tennessee today, announcing a plan to make community college free for many students.

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AirTalk for January 8, 2015

A massive manhunt and a day of mourning grip Paris today following yesterday's massacre of 12 people at a satirical newspaper. Also, Foie gras is back on the menu at high end restaurants and chefs are celebrating. Then, researchers concluded that many whites will react differently to the same person, depending solely on whether they are referred to as “black” or “African American.”


AirTalk for January 7, 2015

France's deadliest postwar terrorist attack has journalists around the world standing in solidarity. How should French and Islamic leaders respond? Also, critics are saying that current college graduation rates aren’t telling the whole story about how long it’s really taking students to graduate. Then, journalist Sam Quinones explores the drastic reduction of gang activity over the past three decades.

New Congress

AirTalk for January 6, 2015

Congress convenes today with a newly Republican majority. Also, a member of the grand jury that declined to indict Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown is suing St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch for the right to speak out about the controversial case. Then, as the economic collapse of the last decade begins to fade, questions remain: What are the lessons to learn from the crisis, and have we implemented them to avoid the next one?

Gov. Brown Unveils Offical Gubernatorial Portrait Of Former Governor Schwarzenegger

AirTalk for January 5, 2015

Governor Brown gives his state of the state speech during his inauguration today. Also, gearheads and tech geeks convene for the world's largest annual consumer trade show, Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. Then, how much of an impact does porn have on relationships?