AirTalk for July 28, 2014

A 15-minute thunderstorm that hit Venice Beach Sunday left a 20-year-old man dead and four others injured by direct lightning strikes. Then, it's known as corporate "inversion.” That’s when a stateside company merges with a foreign entity and moves its headquarters to said country to avoid paying US taxes. Finally, new research shows that sunglasses may make people look more attractive. In a book explaining the history and psychology of sunglasses, Vanessa Brown explores how our shades relate to the idea of “cool.”
lightning hermosa beach

Photo by Greg Foster via Flickr Creative Commons

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AirTalk for July 9, 2014

Today on AirTalk we will discuss NSA records leaked by Edward Snowden show that the NSA and FBI monitored the emails of several prominent Muslim-Americans living in the United States. Whether the the Hobby Lobby decision has become the cultural flashpoint of the moment. And should therapists give their patients access to mental health notes?

Undocumented Immigrants To U.S. Repatriated To Guatemala

AirTalk for July 8, 2014

Today on AirTalk we will discuss the law complicating deportation of Central American children immigrating to the United States. Also, this week a new law, AB 218 went into effect in the state of California that “bans the box” on all public job applications asking whether or not a job applicant has been convicted of a crime. Then, how do you listen to music?


AirTalk for July 7, 2014

The Obama administration has repeatedly tried to quash the rumor that when minors arrive in the U.S., they will be granted a permiso, or free pass to stay in the country. What’s really driving this surge of illegal immigration? Also, Mayor Garcetti joins us to reflect on his inaugural year in office. Then, what goes on in the mind of an arsonist?

Candlelight Walk And Memorial For Sarah Jones

AirTalk for July 3, 2014

Georgia prosecutors have charged the filmmakers involved with Midnight Rider with involuntary manslaughter following the February 20 death of camera assistant Sarah Jones. Also, could a class action lawsuit change the culture of Wall Street? Then, it's Filmweek on AirTalk! Our critics will be discussing this week's movie premieres, the 50th anniversary of A Hard Day's Night and paying tribute to the late Paul Mazursky.

Familes and Children Held In U.S. Customs and Border Protection Processing Facility

AirTalk for July 2, 2014

Three Homeland Security buses carrying women and children immigrants were rerouted to a customs and border facility in San Diego yesterday after protesters blocked the group from reaching a processing center in Murrieta. Also, how free is free speech at Citrus College? Then, should headers in youth soccer be banned?

Florida Doctor Sees Patients As House Debates Health Care Reform Repeal Act

AirTalk for July 1, 2014

The American College of Physicians is now strongly recommending against annual pelvic exams for healthy women. The news comes after other recommendations that routine exams are also not necessary for all people, so what is necessary? Also, today in California, the minimum wage is rising to $9. Then, does Team USA have what it takes to advance to the World Cup quarterfinals?