AirTalk for August 3, 2015

Maureen Dowd’s column in the New York Times this weekend speculated that Vice President Joe Biden might still be considering a run in 2016. Also, the White House released a report that suggests that occupational licensing for some professions may be doing more harm than good. Then, when news emerged last week that a big game hunter had killed a protected lion named Cecil in Zimbabwe, the outrage and sadness from public quarters were tremendous.

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AirTalk for July 15, 2015

A bill in Sacramento would restrict California law enforcement from seizing assets of suspects unless there is a criminal conviction. Also, the LAPD begins a new training initiative this week called the Preservation of Life and Building Community Trust training. Then, an anonymous “Wizard of Oz” fan has put up $1 million for anyone with information that could lead to the recovery of the infamous ruby red slippers.


AirTalk for July 14, 2015

President Obama has granted clemency to 46 inmates who faced prison time for drug offenses. Also, a first of it's kind in California, a trial starting this week will determine the future of five frozen embryos a divorced couple is embattled over. Then, a look at an "underground railroad" operation in Northern Iraq that rescues women and children who have been taken captive by the self-declared Islamic State.


AirTalk for July 13, 2015

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, Mexico’s infamous drug lord, escaped from a maximum-security Altiplano prison Saturday night. Also, Hollywood, Koreatown and Downtown are the areas with some of the county’s most dangerous traffic intersections, according to the analysis undertaken by the LA Times. Then, Author Stephanie Hosford shares her experience of beating cancer while pregnant.

Fracking In California Under Spotlight As Some Local Municipalities Issue Bans

AirTalk for July 10, 2015

Toxins from hydraulic fracking could mean grave effects to the state’s wildlife and natural resources, according to a new study by the California Council on Science and Technology. Also, immigrant rights supporters will be protesting outside of the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel, where Trump will be delivering a speech today. Then, petitioners in LA want an iconic filmmaker's name, David Wark Griffith, scrubbed from an East LA school.

Shooting At USC Campus Halloween Party

AirTalk for July 9, 2015

After a decade-long decline, criminal activity in Los Angeles spiked for the first half of this year by 12.7 % across nearly every category. Also, the LADWP wants to raise rates over the next five years to encourage water conservation and expand infrastructural repairs. Then, Donald Trump? Amy Schumer? What racial humor is acceptable today and how does that compare to what was acceptable in the past?

Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas

AirTalk for July 8, 2015

In a fundamental shift in opinion, the LA County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a plan today to redistribute power from the county’s chief executive officer to themselves. Then, we revisit last night's AT30 event on raising the minimum wage, taped at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood with industry experts and workers weighing in on the impact and implementation of a $15 wage hike.