AirTalk for March 3, 2015

Federal agents served search warrants at 20 locations in Southern California suspected of running “maternity hotels” as well as apartment complexes. Also, the Fourth Amendment comes under fire as arguments begin in the Supreme Court over whether police can inspect hotel and motel registries without a warrant. Then, Hillary Clinton came under fire yesterday after it was revealed that she exclusively used her personal email account while at the State Department.
Babies At The Critically Ill Baby Aid Center

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Rand Paul And Rick Perry Address Defending the American Dream Summit

AirTalk for February 3, 2015

Cases of measles spread at Disneyland has become a national political issue. Should parents be required to have their children vaccinated? Also, Britain is a step closer to becoming the first country in the world to allow a form of in-vitro fertilization. Then, Jill Leovy's critically acclaimed new book examines the cultures of South Los Angeles and the LAPD.

President Obama Discusses FY2016 Budget At Department Of Homeland Security

AirTalk for February 2, 2015

President Obama released his fiscal year 2016 budget proposal, an ambitious attempt to set the narrative for the upcoming year. Also, why aren’t Asian “dreamers” taking advantage of Obama’s temporary clemency program? Then, broadcast veteran Joel Tator discusses the history of LA television.

Aaron y Mateo

AirTalk for January 30, 2015

The Parks Forward Commission is working toward securing more funding to the 1.6 million acres of state parks throughout California. Also, ahead of what will likely be the most expensive election seasons in history, Mitt Romney announces he won't be running for the 2016 presidential election. Then, critics weigh in on the winners and losers at Sundance 2015.

West LA veterans center

AirTalk for January 29, 2015

The VA has agreed to create housing for thousands of Southern California homeless veterans. Also, a new statewide poll shows record-setting support for Proposition 13, as well as backing for Governor Brown's proposed budget priorities. We'll check the mood of the state. Then, a new study out of Berkeley claims political correctness enhances creativity. How would self-censoring aid creativity? We'll hear the theory out.

Mormon church Los Angeles

AirTalk for January 28, 2015

What does the recently announced support from the Mormon Church for its gay members mean for California? Also, do Angelenos really want an NFL stadium back in LA? Then, Dr. Eric Topol envisions the future of a democratized healthcare system with tech innovations in his latest book.

Greek Theatre

AirTalk for January 27, 2015

A city council committee voted 4-to-1 for the incumbent against a new operator for the Greek Theatre. Also, a former Central Intelligence Agency officer, was convicted Monday for leaking classified information about a secret operation to foil Iran’s nuclear program to a New York Times reporter. Then, after the concentration camps were liberated from Nazi control, army filmmakers took extensive footage set to be re-released in an HBO documentary.