AirTalk for December 19, 2014

President Obama is holding his last press conference of the year with Cuba and Sony's hack at the forefront of everyone's minds. Can the President assuage fears about theater safety and future cyber attacks? Also, critics look at this week's releases including 'The Hobbit' and 'Annie.'
Obama Makes Statement On U.S.-Cuba Policy

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AirTalk for November 21, 2014

President Obama promised to provide extra support to law enforcement officials on the border and make it easier for skilled immigrants to stay and contribute to the economy during his speech last night. AirTalk held a viewing party of the speech which was followed by a discussion with a panel of special guests. Also, how do the latest dystopian films match up to its predecessors. Then, it's TGI-Filmweek!

"Open University" Strike Held At UC Berkeley

AirTalk for November 20, 2014

Students at University of California schools could be shelling out more to go to school in the coming years. Also, Mike Nichols, director of acclaimed films such as The Graduate, Catch-22, Carnal Knowledge, and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf, passed away last night at age 83. Then, President Obama is set to announce his executive actions relating to the immigration system today.


AirTalk for November 19, 2014

President Obama is set to announce Thursday that he is going issue an executive order to grant temporary legal status to millions of undocumented immigrants. Also, concerned experts convened in Winnipeg, Canada this week to discuss how the easy access of pornography is affecting children. Then, few actors have had as long and accomplished a career in showbiz as Dame Angela Lansbury.


AirTalk for November 18, 2014

Tensions have been rising in the holy city as two Palestinians attacked a synagogue in Jerusalem killing four people earlier today. Also, nearly half of all working age adults in Los Angeles have at least one roommate.Then, author Megan Daum finds words to discuss the unspeakable across multiple contexts.

Miami Dolphins v San Francisco 49ers

AirTalk for November 17, 2014

DEA agents made a surprise visit to several NFL locker rooms to question medical staff members over distribution of painkillers in the league over the weekend. Also, The Senate takes up the Keystone XL oil pipeline in a vote tomorrow. What would the Keystone XL pipeline do to nearby communities? Then, the Oxford English Dictionary releases the word of the year later today.

AirTalk for November 14, 2014

An agreement made between the city of L.A. and The Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District today will save the city millions of dollars and billions of gallons of water on an annual basis. Also, we check in on the latest in the grand jury trial for the Michael Brown case. Then, Steve Carell is the latest in comedians taking on dramatic roles.