AirTalk for January 30, 2015

The Parks Forward Commission is working toward securing more funding to the 1.6 million acres of state parks throughout California. Also, ahead of what will likely be the most expensive election seasons in history, Mitt Romney announces he won't be running for the 2016 presidential election. Then, critics weigh in on the winners and losers at Sundance 2015.
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AirTalk for January 2, 2015

With the affirmative consent bill now in effect across California colleges and universities, how should you approach your college-bound teen about it? Also, we examine the impact that New York Governor Mario Cuomo has had on American politics. Then, join us for Filmweek as we look at a new Obama biopic that is slated to explore Barack and Michelle’s beginnings in Chicago.

San Francisco To Ban Non-Recyclable Plastic Bags

AirTalk for December 31, 2014

With several laws set to go into effect on January 1, 2015, what are the priorities and focus of the Legislature for the new year? Also, the LAPD is warning drivers of tow truck "bandits" towing cars from accident scenes and holding them for a hefty ransom. Then, thawing Cuban relations, Sony hacks or ebola outbreaks? What was the biggest news story of 2014?

LAPD Releases Autopsy Report On Police Shooting Of Mentally-Ill Man

AirTalk for December 30, 2014

The shooting of a mentally ill black man, Ezell Ford, by LAPD officers has led local civil rights figures to speak out about the use of deadly force. Also, the world of sports writing has long been a male-dominated field of journalism, though it’s significantly more common to find a female beat writer today than it was in 1979 when Lisa Saxon got her start. Then, has LA arrived with a New Year’s party befitting its megalopolis status?

LAPD targeted

AirTalk for December 29, 2014

Several shots were fired at a Los Angeles Police Department patrol car in South Los Angeles in what cops called an “unprovoked attack.” Also, the wait for driverless car sales in California will continue. Then, author Barry Day delves into the life of literary great Raymond Chandler.

AirTalk for December 25, 2014

AirTalk is on Holiday Break! Please stay tuned for previous content, and tune in tomorrow, December 25, 2014 from 12:00-1:00 PM PST to hear Filmweek. Also, remember to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages. Happy Holidays from Larry Mantle and the entire AirTalk Team!

Millions Of Americans Travel Ahead Of Thanksgiving Holiday

AirTalk for December 24, 2014

A gun smuggling plot that resulted in more than 150 firearms being flown on commercial airliners from Atlanta to New York City is being called one of the worst airline security breaches since 9/11. Also, how does Europe's recent ruling on obesity being considered a disability impact U.S. policy? Then, film critics review this week's theater and DVD releases.