AirTalk for April 22, 2014

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments today in cases involving broadcast TV and political campaign lies. We'll discuss the latest. Then, will powdered alcohol soon be for sale? Later, we explore speculation that Oscar Pistorius hired an acting coach to bolster his performance on the stand.

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San Francisco Mayoral Candidates Campaign One Day Before Election

AirTalk for March 26, 2014

California Senator Leland Yee has been indicted on public corruption charges, according to reports from the San Jose Mercury News. The White House has announced an extension to the deadline. Why isn't Covered California issuing a similar extension? Later, why are some colleges providing funding for students to take a "gap year?"

AirTalk for March 25, 2014

The Supreme Court heard arguments in the Hobby Lobby case today. Do corporations have religious rights? How is social networking changing to accommodate privacy and anonymity? Later, KPCC reporter Elizabeth Aguilera joins Larry to discuss women and alcohol use.

Malaysian Prime Minister Announces Flight MH370 Crashed Into Southern Indian Ocean

AirTalk for March 24, 2014

Satellite data suggests Flight 370 went down in the southern Indian Ocean, according to Malaysia's Prime Minister. Ukraine is withdrawing troops from Crimea. Next, is an abortion rights group wrong to publish personal information about its opposition? Then, should California ban fishing techniques that cause collateral damage to marine life? Later, what should film productions do when a leading actor dies?


AirTalk for March 21, 2014

Work is well underway to create an earthquake warning system. How could an warning system improve California's earthquake preparedness? General Jeffrey Sinclair's plea deal and sentence has caused a wave of controversy surrounding the Military's response to sexual assault charges. What’s the best way to handle military sex crimes?

President Obama Makes Statement On Ukraine

AirTalk for March 20, 2014

President Obama has announced another set of sanctions against Russia. Will the increasing sanctions help alleviate tension in Russia or worsen the situation? Are vaccine waivers causing the increase in California's measles cases?

Members of Greenpeace make a performance

AirTalk for March 19, 2014

Scientific research continues to highlight the realities of climate change, but many Americans still don't see it is a big enough problem. What is the best way to get Americans to care about climate change? LAPD Chief Beck joins Larry in-studio to discuss the report on the LAX shooting, the city's recent crackdown on pot shops and more.