AirTalk for July 30, 2015

As 14 large wildfires burn in California and the drought continues, two California members of Congress are working respectively to help the state combat both. Also, a study shows same-sex couples might be more effective when it comes to divvying up the chores. Then, as the nation marks the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act this week we look at the latest tech helping those with disabilities.
Sonoma Valley Officials Hand Out Water Conservation Materials

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AirTalk for June 25, 2015

The Supreme Court today decided that federal subsidies under the Affordable Care Act are legal, leaving intact a core funding mechanism of the health care law. Also, what's in your sunscreen may be doing more harm than good. Then, L.A. has the second pick in the NBA draft, and the rumors have been swirling for months about who the Lakers might snatch up tonight at the two spot.

Calls For Removal Of Confederate Flag Outside SC Statehouse Grow In Wake Of Race-Fueled Charleston Church Shooting

AirTalk for June 24, 2015

In rapid succession, government and corporate leaders have heeded the outcry to tear down the Confederate flag from American life. Also, for the first time in a long time, the city of Los Angeles could see major homeless sweeps. Then, the University of California system has become the epicenter for conversations about microaggressions, free speech and the roles and rights of professors.


AirTalk for June 23, 2015

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has shown weak evidence that medical marijuana is effective in treating a variety of ailments. Also, first-time home buyers helped fuel housing sales in May to the highest rate in six years. Then, a new report from job search site Glassdoor finds that companies are indeed taking longer to hire people.

Supreme Court To Issue Landmark Rulings On Obamacare, Same Sex Marriage

AirTalk for June 22, 2015

The Supreme Court ruled today that officers cannot inspect hotel and motel guest registries without a warrant. Also, South Carolina governor Nikki Haley is expected to call on the South Carolina General Assembly to remove the Confederate flag from the South Carolina State House. Then, where should LA draw the line between protecting the rights of homeless people and meeting the public’s demands for safe public spaces?


AirTalk for June 19, 2015

In the wake of the Charleston tragedy, how should we define what happened? As a hate crime? As terrorism? Also, men, too, may be able to be on the pill for contraception. Then, with the release of "Infintely Polar Bear," which films help or hurt our understanding of various mental disorders?

Members Of Congress Hold Prayer Circle For Charleston Shooting Victims

AirTalk for June 18, 2015

Dylann Storm Roof, the man suspected of killing nine people at a church in South Carolina, has been arrested. Also, move over, Alexander Hamilton. A woman is coming to the $10 bill. Then, do you remember your first time? Your first time in Hollywood, that is.