AirTalk for May 22, 2015

Volunteers, wildlife experts, and cleanup crews continue to cleanup efforts of the more than 100,000 gallons crude oil spill in Santa Barbara. Also, LA Times writer offers adventurous hikers the best hidden walks and trails of the city in his latest book. Then, we hear the latest from the Cannes Film Festival.


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Sabado Gigante Closing

AirTalk for April 17, 2015

Wikileaks has published what it says are all the Sony Pictures materials taken in last year's massive cyberattack. That's more than 30-thousand documents and more than 173-thousand emails. Also, after 53 years, Univision is cancelling TV’s longest running variety show, ever. Then, the sounds of the English language and the way it is spoken has changed over the last 35 years and will likely change even more over the next 35.


AirTalk for April 16, 2015

Over 200 representatives of urban water suppliers and members of the general public have sent letters to the State Water Resources Control Board over the past week. Also, a New Jersey auction house has cancelled an auction of art and artifacts made by detainees at Japanese American and Japanese internment camp detainees during World War II. Then, as you lie still under the scanner, your head on the cool surface of the table, the researchers show you a picture of the newest piece of technology - you think it's cool, and your brain lights up hot.

Pupils Make The Grade At Private Schools

AirTalk for April 15, 2015

The Los Angeles Unified school board voted Tuesday to grant conditional approval for two all-girls schools focused on science and technology to open in the fall. Also, Police Chief Charlie Beck stops in to talk all things body cam. From cloud storage, reviewing footage, to its use in investigations. Then, the Santa Monica City Council will likely approve a controversial Zoning Ordinance Update allowing for more dense housing.

AirTalk for April 14, 2015

The Tulsa County reserve deputy who shot and killed a man after saying he was going to use his taser is facing manslaughter charges. Also, California’s State Senate has approved a proposal that would replace a statue at the U.S. Capitol of Father Junipero Serra with one of the late Sally Ride, but not without some controversy. Then, what are the benefits and drawbacks to falling into the categories of a morning person or night owl?

NRA Holds Its Annual Meeting In Nashville

AirTalk for April 13, 2015

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is announcing today that he will run for president in 2016. Also, a parking reform group tapped by the Mayor's office has released a series of recommendations. Then, Pope Francis ignited a diplomatic row with Turkey after he described the massacre of over a million Armenians as “the first genocide of the 20th century.”

Hillary Clinton And NYC's First Lady Announce Childhood Dev'pt Initiative

AirTalk for April 10, 2015

Hillary Clinton plans to announce her run for president on Sunday. Are there any potential Democratic candidates who can compete? Also, a consumer advocate group has called for the federal government to look into the use of the term “diet” by the beverage industry. Then, the FCC is putting pressure on phone companies to do more to stop Robocalls. Should carriers do more to combat robocalls?