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Members of Greenpeace make a performance

AirTalk for March 19, 2014

Scientific research continues to highlight the realities of climate change, but many Americans still don't see it is a big enough problem. What is the best way to get Americans to care about climate change? LAPD Chief Beck joins Larry in-studio to discuss the report on the LAX shooting, the city's recent crackdown on pot shops and more.

Congress considers response to Russian action in Ukraine

AirTalk for March 18, 2014

Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Prime Minister of Crimea signed official documents to incorporate Crimea into the Russian Federation.Will the United States and E.U. impose oil and energy sanctions on Russia? Are we spending too much money on airport security? Later, why are good managers so difficult to find?

Obama Delivers Statement On The Ukraine At The White House

AirTalk for March 17, 2014

On Monday morning President Obama announced US sanctions against Russia. How will these sanctions impact the situation in Ukraine? Has tech killed the 40 hour work week? Later, should parents be able to opt out of LAUSD's expanded "Breakfast in Classroom" program?

Career Fair Held For Job Seekers

AirTalk for March 14, 2014

How far would you go to maintain privacy for yourself online? Reporter Julia Angwin shares the length's she took to do just that. It's Filmweek on AirTalk and guest host Patt Morrison is discussing "Bad Words," "The Veronica Mars Movie," and more!


AirTalk for March 13, 2014

The debate over school lunch requirements continues as lobbying groups gear up to fight against 2010 regulation. Is the 2010 school lunch law working? KPCC healthcare reporter Stephanie O'Neil joins guest host Patt Morrison to discuss the real-life affects of Obamacare. Later, how is technology changing the economy and job market?

Obama Meets With NCAA Division I Men's And Women's Champions At White House

AirTalk for March 12, 2014

The World Wide Web turns 25! We're taking a look back the changes in technology and the impacts the internet has had on daily life. How will the internet change over the next 25 years? Later, is Lean In's "Ban Bossy" movement the right move for feminism?