AirTalk for January 26, 2015

The California DMV is backing down from requiring drivers for “e-hail” services like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar to obtain commercial license plates after a firestorm of criticism. Also, author Steven Brill writes about the way the ACA was written, the way it was implemented, and how it would (or wouldn’t) change America’s healthcare system in his latest book. Then, President Obama will propose to protect 12 million acres of Alaskan wilderness.
App Car Service Startups Continue To Irk Traditional Cab Companies And Regulators

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AirTalk for December 9, 2014

The Senate Intelligence Committee has released its controversial report on CIA practices in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. Also, if you’re planning to travel during a peak time of the year, like Christmas or Labor Day, you might have to cough up a little extra for airline fees. Then, the message is clear from Google to all major automakers: The future of the automobile is autonomous.

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) takes to Senate floor

AirTalk for December 8, 2014

On Tuesday, the Senate Intelligence Committee is expected to release a long-awaited report detailing the Central Intelligence Agency’s post-9/11 interrogation techniques. Also, the University of California system has maintained autonomy for 166 years, but that might be about to change. Then, President Obama will give his first TV interview since the Ferguson grand jury decision tonight on BET networks across the country.

Governor Brown

AirTalk for December 5, 2014

Governor Jerry Brown is considering expanding Medi-cal benefits to those who have been temporarily shielded from deportation. Then, with the U.S. leading the total number of nuclear weapons in the world, should we downsize or upgrade? Also, Director Nick Broomfield unravels the story of a serial killer and the LAPD in "Tales of the Grim Sleeper."

Grand Jury Declines To Indict NYPD Officer In Eric Garner Death

AirTalk for December 4, 2014

A grand jury decided Wednesday not to indict a New York police officer who put a fatal chokehold on an unarmed 43-year-old Eric black man, Eric Garner, despite the encounter being caught on video tape. Also, a change to the formula used under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) could have a large impact on development throughout the state. Then, do you think the drinking age should be lowered?

AirTalk for December 3, 2014

In a case that has allied abortion-rights groups with anti-abortion groups, today the Supreme Court justices heard arguments that United Parcel Service discriminated against a pregnant employee. Also, the short list is out for the best documentaries of 2014. Then, gospel music scholar Robert Darden explores how songs and singers helped African Americans challenge slavery, subjugation, and oppression.

ipad lausd tablet

AirTalk for December 2, 2014

FBI agents paid a surprise visit to the Los Angeles Unified School District on Monday, taking away 20 boxes of documents related to the school district's troubled iPad project. Also, the Pentagon and State Department are reacting to the ongoing violence in Iraq and Syria by renewing old contracts to private-sector security contractors. Then, a look at the controversy around the upcoming comedy “The Interview.”