AirTalk for March 30, 2015

Following the Germanwings crash last week, we ask experts why a suicidal co-pilot would want to kill all the passengers and crew when killing himself? Also, Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell stops by AirTalk today for the first of what will be a monthly check-in with AirTalk. Then, business owners in the state of Indiana can now legally deny services to same-sex couples on the grounds that it would go against their religious beliefs.


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AirTalk for February 12, 2015

Following the murders of three Muslim American students in North Carolina, how does law enforcement determines whether a crime is driven by hate? Also, marketers beware, research shows using love to sell products stops single people from buying. Then, with the upcoming release of "Fifty Shades of Grey," why aren't there more kinky films?

US President Barack Obama (L) tapes an i

AirTalk for February 11, 2015

With the impending departure of TV anchors Brian Williams and Jon Stewart, what makes a good news anchor? Also, should the high school exit exam be done away with? Then, the nation's top dietary advisory panel reportedly is set to correct long-standing cautions against eating cholesterol-heavy foods.

Obamas Attend National Prayer Breakfast

AirTalk for February 10, 2015

It's confirmed - the last US hostage believed held by the group calling itself Islamic State is dead. President Obama is now preparing to ask Congress for War Powers. Also, a group of top US scientists just released its look at possible technologies to cool Earth, as global warming continues. Then, to pluck or not to pluck: our complicated relationship with hair.

Obama And German Chancellor Merkel Hold Joint Press Conference At White House

AirTalk for February 9, 2015

German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits Washington today to speak with President Obama about the crisis, and world leaders have increased their attention on the issue in hopes of a diplomatic solution. Also, callers weigh in on Harvard's ban on sexual relationships between professors and students. Then, L.A. lost out to Boston as the U.S. candidate to host the 2024 Summer Olympics. But maybe that’s a good thing.

Anthem Health Insurance Announces Data Breach Of Over 80 Million Records

AirTalk for February 6, 2015

The hacked Anthem Inc. database containing 80 million Social Security numbers wasn’t encrypted. But would that have made a difference? Also, famed NBC newsman, Brian Williams, went on an apology tour this week after a story he has told repeatedly involving a shot-down helicopter in Iraq was exposed as a lie. Then, the documentary in the Virunga National Park in the Eastern Congo is anything but your typical nature documentary.

child getting vaccinated vaccines immunizations measles mmr

AirTalk for February 5, 2015

CA's measles outbreak has prompted a call to end the state's personal belief exemption for measles vaccinations. Also, should every CA car owner be charged an additional fee to pay for road repairs? Is that better than raising the gasoline tax? Then, as studies suggest sitting all day is dangerous, more desk workers are choosing to stand. How are companies and technology handling the push for employees to stand up?