AirTalk for August 26, 2014

Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent John Deasy has suspended contracts with Apple and Pearson following criticism and investigation into L.A. schools’ use of iPads in the classroom. Also, two committees have recommended a new pilot program that would allow officers to issue fines for neighborhood “quality-of-life” offenses. Then, should the San Gabriel Mountains be named a national monument?
student girl ipad school desk

Photo by Lexie Flickinger/Brad Flickinger via Flickr Creative Commons

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Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich

AirTalk for July 14, 2014

Should LA County approve court-ordered mental health treatment? Also, rising numbers of people are going to urgent care centers because they’re often nearby, open long hours, for seven days a week, and the prices for services are more affordable than at emergency rooms. Then, where to find the best deals during Restaurant Week in LA.

Amazon Unveils Its First Smartphone

AirTalk for July 11, 2014

The FTC is suing Amazon over in-app purchases in children’s gaming apps. In-app purchases have been a frustrating issue for parents, many of whom see unapproved charges when their children buy things within a tablet app. Also, interview with LACMA’s Michael Govan about new design on Wilshire. Then, it's Filmweek on AirTalk!


AirTalk for July 10, 2014

Airstrikes and rocket launches in Israel and the Gaza strip continued Wednesday. The Health Ministry in Gaza reports that the death toll is rising. Also, is your child spending this summer at film camp, cooking camp, soccer camp, art camp, or some mish-mash of them all? Then the White House criticized marijuana legalization, arguing that it is leading more U.S. teens to smoke.


AirTalk for July 9, 2014

Today on AirTalk we will discuss NSA records leaked by Edward Snowden show that the NSA and FBI monitored the emails of several prominent Muslim-Americans living in the United States. Whether the the Hobby Lobby decision has become the cultural flashpoint of the moment. And should therapists give their patients access to mental health notes?

Undocumented Immigrants To U.S. Repatriated To Guatemala

AirTalk for July 8, 2014

Today on AirTalk we will discuss the law complicating deportation of Central American children immigrating to the United States. Also, this week a new law, AB 218 went into effect in the state of California that “bans the box” on all public job applications asking whether or not a job applicant has been convicted of a crime. Then, how do you listen to music?


AirTalk for July 7, 2014

The Obama administration has repeatedly tried to quash the rumor that when minors arrive in the U.S., they will be granted a permiso, or free pass to stay in the country. What’s really driving this surge of illegal immigration? Also, Mayor Garcetti joins us to reflect on his inaugural year in office. Then, what goes on in the mind of an arsonist?