AirTalk for July 27, 2015

Planned Parenthood is under fire after the release of two videos that bring to light its practices surrounding fetal tissue donations. Also, consumer advocates are asking California Attorney General Kamala Harris to look into record-high oil industry profits this year. Then, San Francisco now has nine public walls covered with a repellent paint that makes pee spray back on the person's shoes and pants.

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California snog

AirTalk for June 4, 2015

Today is the deadline for high profile bills including legalizing physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients, collecting data on police stops to address alleged racial profiling and expanding Medi-Cal to undocumented immigrants. Also, LA County Sherriff Jim Mcdonnell answers your questions. Then, Stanford scientists are trying to measure creativity.


AirTalk for June 3, 2015

An AP investigation found that small, single-engine planes are part of an FBI civilian air patrol that gives air support ground operations. Also, a plan was introduced this week that would require mandatory reporting by police departments to the department of justice in cases of officer involved shootings. Then, following Canada's abolished tampon tax, could California's sales tax on sanitary napkins, tampons and the like be next?


AirTalk for June 2, 2015

FIFA President Sepp Blatter announced today that he will resign from soccer’s governing body following the indictment of over a dozen top officials on corruption charges. Also, the FDA will again consider whether flibanserin, a pill aimed at restoring lost libido in women, should be approved. Then, author Mark Haskell Smith talks about his foray into nudism and what goes on, once the clothing is off.

A man checks facebook on his smartphone

AirTalk for June 1, 2015

The Supreme court ruled Monday that it’s not enough to consider something posted on social media a “true threat” simply because a reasonable person would consider it threatening. Also, May has been the most violent month in Baltimore’s history.Then, Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, graced this month’s issue of Vanity Fair.


AirTalk for May 29, 2015

LA labor leaders are seeking an exemption from the city’s minimum wage law for companies with union employees. Also, signs are showing that a strong El Niño this winter could mean an end to California’s extreme drought. Then, seismologist Lucy Jones joins Larry Mantle to fact-check the science behind the disaster flick “San Andreas.”

California Pushes For New Highway Law

AirTalk for May 28, 2015

Motorcycle lane-splitting could soon be legal. The state Assembly is expected to approve the legislation sometime this week, and supporters believe it will clear the Senate as well. Also, for May’s AT30 event, Larry Mantle and his guests talk Silicon Beach and tech in Los Angeles. Would Los Angeles’ tech hub ever be able to rival that of its Northern neighbors?