AirTalk for October 9, 2015

Is Paul Ryan the right person to be Speaker of the House? Then, Two Greek organizations at UCLA have come under criticism after holding a Kanye West-themed party where some attendees wore blackface. Also, woe to the casual film-goer who might not be familiar with the work of Belgian filmmaker Chantal Akerman who died this week.

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Lyft Car

AirTalk for August 19, 2015

Should Uber and Lyft be able to pick up passengers at LAX? Also, Donald Trump has created a sentiment around immigration that seems to have shifted the terms of the primary race and the focus of the conversation to a topic many of the other Republican candidates desperately wanted to avoid. Then, what would happen of Los Angeles police only pulled people over for imminently dangerous road behaviors?

World Health Organisation Calls For Regulation Of Ecigarettes

AirTalk for August 18, 2015

According to a new study, kids who vape are 4x more likely to smoke tobacco. Also, for the third time since 2010, a little pink pill that purports to increases sexual desire in women is up for approval from the FDA. Then, in “We Believe the Children,” writer Richard Beck examines the various forces at work in the McMartin preschool trial that helped fanned the hysteria of child sexual abuse across the country.

Presidential Candidates Stump At Iowa State Fair

AirTalk for August 17, 2015

Political observer David Mark and POLITICO reporter Hada Gold join Larry to round up the latest in election politics. Also, Amazon’s workplace practices have come under scrutiny after a fierce New York Times piece detailing what it expects from employees. Then, strategy. Precision. Obsession. For SCRABBLE enthusiasts, playing can evoke these words, and not just to score points.

AirTalk for August 14, 2015

The South Coast Air Quality Management District says the draft EIR on the 710 extension is essentially useless because it didn’t account for the amount of cancerous emissions the tunnel project would cause. Also, a recent study looked at the Pacific Northwest’s tidal wetland vulnerability to rising sea levels. Then, a vote in Congress on the Iran nuclear deal is slated for September, and both sides of the debate have been fighting to be heard.

Homeless Storage - 7

AirTalk for August 13, 2015

Two ordinances went into effect that shorten the time homeless people have to clear out their belongings after being asked to move, but concerns haven’t ebbed. Also, Nancy Jo Sales’s latest piece for Vanity Fair looks at how mobile dating apps have changed the way millennials approach dating and sex, with particular emphasis on the LA-based company Tinder. Then, what do you collect? Why do you collect what you collect?

bicycles bikes downtown los angeles ciclavia

AirTalk for August 12, 2015

Yesterday Los Angeles County Supervisors and LA City Councilmembers made big bets on a dramatically different future for transportation and incarceration. Also, after months of refusal, Hillary Clinton agreed to turn over her personal email server to the Justice Department. Then, you’ve no doubt heard of women’s studies, but men’s studies?