AirTalk for April 1, 2015

The state of California will conduct its last manual snowpack reading today, and the forecast is that the numbers won’t be good. Also, AirTalk takes a look back at how transportation in L.A. has (and hasn’t) changed in the last 30 years and a look ahead at what lies in the future for commuters in L.A. Then, we celebrate 30 years of AirTalk and Larry Mantle!


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Anthem Health Insurance Announces Data Breach Of Over 80 Million Records

AirTalk for February 6, 2015

The hacked Anthem Inc. database containing 80 million Social Security numbers wasn’t encrypted. But would that have made a difference? Also, famed NBC newsman, Brian Williams, went on an apology tour this week after a story he has told repeatedly involving a shot-down helicopter in Iraq was exposed as a lie. Then, the documentary in the Virunga National Park in the Eastern Congo is anything but your typical nature documentary.

child getting vaccinated vaccines immunizations measles mmr

AirTalk for February 5, 2015

CA's measles outbreak has prompted a call to end the state's personal belief exemption for measles vaccinations. Also, should every CA car owner be charged an additional fee to pay for road repairs? Is that better than raising the gasoline tax? Then, as studies suggest sitting all day is dangerous, more desk workers are choosing to stand. How are companies and technology handling the push for employees to stand up?


AirTalk for February 4, 2015

Jordan's King Abdullah vowed a relentless war against the group calling itself Islamic State. Also, the FCC is reportedly ready to propose regulating Internet service like a utility. Then, “Last Days In Vietnam” chronicles the untold story of the members of the South Vietnamese military who tried to escape Saigon as the war drew to a close.

Rand Paul And Rick Perry Address Defending the American Dream Summit

AirTalk for February 3, 2015

Cases of measles spread at Disneyland has become a national political issue. Should parents be required to have their children vaccinated? Also, Britain is a step closer to becoming the first country in the world to allow a form of in-vitro fertilization. Then, Jill Leovy's critically acclaimed new book examines the cultures of South Los Angeles and the LAPD.

President Obama Discusses FY2016 Budget At Department Of Homeland Security

AirTalk for February 2, 2015

President Obama released his fiscal year 2016 budget proposal, an ambitious attempt to set the narrative for the upcoming year. Also, why aren’t Asian “dreamers” taking advantage of Obama’s temporary clemency program? Then, broadcast veteran Joel Tator discusses the history of LA television.

Aaron y Mateo

AirTalk for January 30, 2015

The Parks Forward Commission is working toward securing more funding to the 1.6 million acres of state parks throughout California. Also, ahead of what will likely be the most expensive election seasons in history, Mitt Romney announces he won't be running for the 2016 presidential election. Then, critics weigh in on the winners and losers at Sundance 2015.