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AirTalk for March 4, 2014

Russian military movement is causing increasing tension in Crimea. A FDA proposal could hold generic drug manufacturers liable in health risk law suits. What kinds of legal protections should consumers have when it comes to generic medication? Later, do hiring managers really care where you went to college?

AirTalk for March 3, 2014

A rundown of all the surprises and snubs at last night's Oscars. Then, the latest on the tense standoff in Ukraine--and open carry vs. concealed weapons: what's right for California gun law? Later, what's the cost of luring or losing film & TV production in LA?

An Oscars statue is seen before the star

AirTalk for February 28, 2014

A California court ruled that drivers can check smartphone map apps while they are driving. How does distraction from a map app compare with texting or talking on the phone? It's FilmWeek and we're talking Oscars! Larry and the film critics discuss their winner predictions. Get your Oscar Ballots ready!

AirTalk for February 27, 2014

Michelle Obama unveiled a proposal to change nutritional information on packaged food labels intended to help consumers make healthier food choices. Will the new labels improve eating habits? A new blood test provides more accurate and less invasive prenatal indication of Down Syndrome. What are the ethical issues associated with this test? Are LA's parking tickets unconstitutional?

Capitol Hill Event Marks 50th Anniversary On War On Poverty

AirTalk for February 26, 2014

A new Republican tax plan is expected to call for lower rates and fewer tax brackets. How will G.O.P. leadership negotiate the roll out of this new proposal? The Los Angeles County Dept. of Regional Planning is working on a plan to redevelop and modernize Marina del Rey. Will tourists respond to the renovations?

AirTalk for February 25, 2014

The fast food breakfast wars are heating up as Taco Bell introduces its national breakfast menu. How will McDonald's breakfast sales fare after Taco Bell's menu launches? Later, why is it so difficult to keep a secret? Patt Morrison guest hosts.