AirTalk for October 8, 2015

Kevin McCarthy has just dropped out of the House Speaker race. Then, women are “leaning in” to powerful positions in the workplace, but still struggle to devote time to their families. Also, The California Public Utilities Commission has started to hear proposals from several electric companies in California that critics say, if approved, will have a devastating impact on the solar industry and the environment.
Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Campaigns In New Hampshire

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National Guard And Fires In Watts Riots

AirTalk for August 10, 2015

Frank Gehry’s been working for about a year on a pro bono “master plan” to revitalize the river. Also, for younger Californians and new Californians, AirTalk hosts an historical primer on the riots. Then, while landing a new and better job is great, it’s equally important to know how to leave your old one.


AirTalk for August 7, 2015

Early numbers suggest last night’s Republican debate wasn’t only the most-watched primary debate in history, but might have even garnered twice as large an audience as the record it broke. Also, a new survey released by Metro finds a slight decrease in the number of passengers that have experienced sexual harassment on buses and subways since last spring. Then, Los Angeles plays a role in film and TV, and sometimes is even the star.


AirTalk for August 6, 2015

This evening is the debut of what will be a long-running series - the Republican Presidential candidates' debates. Also, Netflix announced an unlimited parental leave policy this week. It’s the latest in a niche tech industry trend towards redefining “time off.” Then, Ontario International Airport will once again belong to the city from which it gets its namesake. All that and more, today on AirTalk.

KPCC Police Crime Jail stock photo

AirTalk for August 5, 2015

Los Angeles County has committed to a series of reforms inside its troubled jail system. Also, the Los Angeles City Council has unanimously thrown its support behind an ordinance that will require all firearms to be stored in a locked container or disabled with trigger locks. Then, what are the psychological and physiological signs of unhealthy anxiety? All that and more, today on AirTalk.

Hard Fest

AirTalk for August 4, 2015

The discussion over whether to ban raves on Los Angeles County property has reignited after two women died this past weekend at the Hard Summer music festival. Also, Rite Aid and Delhaize America said they will start putting issues of Cosmopolitan magazine behind plastic “blinders” in their stores. Then, ever had an energy bar? Or a cup of instant coffee? How about a hot dog? If you answer in the affirmative, you have the U.S. military to thank.


AirTalk for August 3, 2015

Maureen Dowd’s column in the New York Times this weekend speculated that Vice President Joe Biden might still be considering a run in 2016. Also, the White House released a report that suggests that occupational licensing for some professions may be doing more harm than good. Then, when news emerged last week that a big game hunter had killed a protected lion named Cecil in Zimbabwe, the outrage and sadness from public quarters were tremendous.