AirTalk for February 27, 2015

The U.S. House could vote on a bill today that would overhaul the No Child Left Behind Act. Also, Facebook is rolling out resources to users who express potential suicidal thoughts. Then, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar talks about his new pre-teen book, “Stealing the Game” and his ongoing work with his Skyhook Foundation.
Bronx School Stands Out

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Millions Of Americans Travel Ahead Of Thanksgiving Holiday

AirTalk for December 24, 2014

A gun smuggling plot that resulted in more than 150 firearms being flown on commercial airliners from Atlanta to New York City is being called one of the worst airline security breaches since 9/11. Also, how does Europe's recent ruling on obesity being considered a disability impact U.S. policy? Then, film critics review this week's theater and DVD releases.

Responding to criticism over the handling of The Interview, Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton says his studio "very much wanted to keep the picture in release."

AirTalk for December 23, 2014

In the span of six weeks, the Sony breach has turned into a story about national security, cyber-terrorism and creative freedom. We’ll look at the cultural, political and business implications of the breach. Also, superintendents of the 30 largest school districts in California have been in their roles for three years or less. What can be done about it? Then, Bruce Feiler searches for meaning in "Sacred Journeys."

Two Cops Shot And Killed Execution Style In Brooklyn

AirTalk for December 22, 2014

New York City was hit hard Saturday by the killing of two NYPD officers as they sat in their patrol car on a Brooklyn street. Also, Linda Deutsch has been the most trusted voice in court journalism. Now, she says, she’s moving on to the next stage of her career. Then, in “Diversity Explosion: How New Racial Demographics are Remaking America,” demographer William H. Frey examines the impact of America's ethnic shift.

Obama Makes Statement On U.S.-Cuba Policy

AirTalk for December 19, 2014

President Obama is holding his last press conference of the year with Cuba and Sony's hack at the forefront of everyone's minds. Can the President assuage fears about theater safety and future cyber attacks? Also, critics look at this week's releases including 'The Hobbit' and 'Annie.'

Sony Doubles Its Projected Loss To 6.4 Billion

AirTalk for December 18, 2014

Sony Pictures in Culver City has pulled the release of its comedy "The Interview" a day after an online threat of violence against moviegoers and theaters where "The Interview" would be shown. Also, the Russian economy has been hit hard by falling oil prices and international sanctions related to Ukraine. Then, whatever your reason for hating Christmas music, we’re tackling the worst of the worst on AirTalk.

President Obama Makes Statement On U.S. Cuba Policy

AirTalk for December 17, 2014

The US is set to open talks to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba after a 50-year stalemate. Also, in a highly anticipated move, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti announced yesterday that the city will buy 7,000 body-worn cameras for LAPD officers. Then, Millenials have been flocking back to their parents’ homes in increasing numbers, with some never leaving at all.