AirTalk for April 22, 2014

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments today in cases involving broadcast TV and political campaign lies. We'll discuss the latest. Then, will powdered alcohol soon be for sale? Later, we explore speculation that Oscar Pistorius hired an acting coach to bolster his performance on the stand.

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Ron Calderon

AirTalk for February 21, 2014

Will Arizona Governor Jan Brewer sign the controversial "religious freedom" bill? We'll weigh the issue. Then, a look at California Governor Jerry Brown's drought proposal--and the significance of online doctor reviews. Later, 3 Days to Kill, Pompeii, The Wind Rises and more on Filmweek--and the latest on the investigation into Sen. Ron Calderon.


AirTalk for February 20, 2014

Despite initial truce negotiations, violence in Ukraine is escalating. We'll bring you the latest. Then, a look at what types of experiences bring us the most happiness and debate over ethnic studies requirements at Cal State LA. Next, obstetricians are urging new guidelines for C-sections. Will doctors and patients listen? Later: financial infidelity--how secret spending impacts couples.

House Budget Cmte Holds Hearing On CBO's Budget and Economic Outlook

AirTalk for February 19, 2014

A new report from the Congressional Budget Office indicates that raising the minimum wage would cause the loss of 500,000 jobs but would increase the earnings of approximately 16.5 million low wage workers. How might this impact workers? LAPD's Chief Charlie Beck joins Larry in-studio. What are your questions for Chief Beck? Later, should California be split into six states?

Volkswagen Recalls Over 70,000 Jetta Sedans Over Wiring Problem

AirTalk for February 18, 2014

The United Auto Workers suffered a major defeat when employees of a Tennessee Volkswagen plant rejected plans to unionize. Next, investigative journalist Christopher Leonard's book takes a closer look at the American meat industry. Then, should party hosts be liable for alcohol-related legal incidents? Later, a look at bias against Asian-Americans in university admissions.

Bloomberg Moves To Ban Sugary Drinks In NYC Restaurants And Movie Theaters

AirTalk for February 14, 2014

A bill announced on Thursday that would require soft drinks and other sugary beverages sold in California to carry a warning label similar to those placed on cigarette cartons. Should sugary drinks have warning labels? How is technology impacting your relationship? It's Filmweek and we're discussing Robocop, Endless Love and more!

Comcast Reports Quarterly Earnings Rise 16 Percent

AirTalk for February 13, 2014

Comcast announced plans to buy Time Warner Cable for $45.2 billion. What does this mean for cable consumers? The L.A. City Council is moving ahead with plans to end an 8-year class action lawsuit over garbage-truck driver breaks. Should garbage truck drivers be allowed to do whatever they want while on break? '12 Years a Slave" director Steve McQueen joins Larry to discuss his inspiration for the Oscar-nominated film.