AirTalk for May 22, 2015

Volunteers, wildlife experts, and cleanup crews continue to cleanup efforts of the more than 100,000 gallons crude oil spill in Santa Barbara. Also, LA Times writer offers adventurous hikers the best hidden walks and trails of the city in his latest book. Then, we hear the latest from the Cannes Film Festival.


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German Airbus A320 Crashes In Southern French Alps

AirTalk for March 24, 2015

It is feared that there are no survivors after a German airliner went down in a remote area of the French Alps on Tuesday. Also, a growing number of students are pushing to create a place for female students to avoid clashes of opinion. Then, jury will hear closing arguments in the discrimination lawsuit filed by Ellen Pao against the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.


AirTalk for March 23, 2015

The Supreme Court hears oral argument on “City and County of San Francisco v. Sheehan,” a case that could have huge implications for the treatment of the disabled and the mentally ill by police. Also, Texas Senator Ted Cruz kicked off his presidential campaign this morning, becoming the first major GOP candidate to officially declare his bid. Then, Seymour Bernstein is a renowned classical pianist and is the star of actor Ethan Hawke’s first venture into documentary filmmaking.


AirTalk for March 20, 2015

Talks over a nuclear deal have stalled between Iran and six other world powers in Lausanne, Switzerland. Also, an offensive, anti-LGBT ballot proposed by a lawyer in Huntington Beach has raised important questions about the state’s initiative process. Then, join us on our second hour for Filmweek!


AirTalk for March 19, 2015

We take a look at two separate studies on exactly how a minimum wage hike would affect the Los Angeles economy. Also, Gov. Jerry Brown and Democratic legislative leaders today proposed more than $1 billion in drought-relief spending for California. Then, the Federal Reserve is finally ready to hike interest rates, that could happen as soon as June. What does a rate hike mean for your wallet?

Blue Shield

AirTalk for March 18, 2015

Blue Shield of California may be on the hook for tens of millions of dollars in taxes owed each year to the state of California after the San Francisco-based insurer was stripped of its tax-exempt status back in August. Also, Starbucks’ new “Race Together” campaign wants baristas at its 4,700 stores to engage in conversations with customers about race in America. Then, we look at moderation versus abstinence for treating alcohol addiction.


AirTalk for March 17, 2015

Yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a last-ditch appeal for votes just hours before polling stations close in a tight election by pledging that no Palestinian state would be established under his rule. Also, fearing future head trauma, San Francisco 49ers linebacker Chris Borland told ESPN’s Outside the Lines on Monday that he would retire from the NFL. Then, a plan proposed by Maine Governor Paul LePage would make his state the first in the U.S. to tax nonprofit organizations.