AirTalk for May 22, 2015

Volunteers, wildlife experts, and cleanup crews continue to cleanup efforts of the more than 100,000 gallons crude oil spill in Santa Barbara. Also, LA Times writer offers adventurous hikers the best hidden walks and trails of the city in his latest book. Then, we hear the latest from the Cannes Film Festival.


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Deliberations Resume In Durst Trial

AirTalk for March 16, 2015

Real estate mogul and subject of HBO’s documentary series ‘The Jinx,’ Robert Durst, was arrested in New Orleans on Sunday after law enforcement officials discovered new evidence that they say links him to the 2000 killing of his friend and former spokeswoman, Susan Berman. Also, how does your name mirror your background? Then, the State Water Board will meet tomorrow to discuss putting in more restrictive water conservation law.

MTA CEO Arthur Leahy

AirTalk for March 13, 2015

Next month, Art Leahy will move from the top position at Metro to become the chief executive officer at Metrolink. Also, the shootings of two police officers outside the Ferguson Police Department on Thursday have brought the St. Louis suburb back into the national spotlight. Then, a debate over whether the American flag should be banned from display in a student government office is still raging across the campus of UC Irvine more than a week after the issue erupted.

Protests Continue In Anaheim Against The Police Department's Recent Shootings

AirTalk for March 12, 2015

ACLU attorneys are suing two California law enforcement agencies for failing to disclose how they use cellphone surveillance. Also, the next big entry into the realm of powdered drink mix? Alcohol. Then, the number of unmarried, cohabiting parents in the US is at a record high. What are the economic and sociological implications?

2013 BET Awards - Show

AirTalk for March 11, 2015

Following the $7.4 million copyright infringement lawsuit of Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines", what does it mean for a song or a sound to be original? Also, we take a look at virtual reality being used across industries beyond entertainment. Then, the debate over incarceration vs. diversion for mentally-ill inmates continues.

Tom Cotton

AirTalk for March 10, 2015

Democrats are outraged over an open letter sent yesterday by 47 Senate Republicans to the government of Iran. Also, despite bad press, a UCLA study shows that incoming college students’ interest in joining a fraternity or sorority is the highest it’s been in 15 years. Then, are helicopters an effective tool for the police to be deploying in Los Angeles?

Candlelight Walk And Memorial For Sarah Jones

AirTalk for March 9, 2015

In a reversal of his July pleading of not guilty, director Randall Miller pleaded guilty today to charges related to the death of camera assistant Sarah Jones. Also, is it a religion or a cult? New Yorker journalist Lawrence Wright takes on his latest investigation into Scientology alongside renowned documentarian Alex Gibney. Then, in the wake of a ballot measure that legalized the use of marijuana in our nation’s capital, a D.C. Council committee has advanced a bill to ban employers there from prescreening job applicants for the drug.