All Things Considered for Friday, November 8, 2013

The rules require most health insurance plans to provide the same coverage for mental health and substance abuse treatment as they do for other types of ailments. Coverage also has expanded under the Affordable Care Act, but not everyone benefits.
Melissa Block chats with political commentators Jonathan Capehart of The Washington Post and David Brooks with The New York Times to discuss the week in politics, including election results in New York City and New Jersey and President Obama's apology to people who are losing their health coverage under the Affordable Care Act.
Earlier this week, German authorities announced that a trove of Nazi-looted art, once thought lost, had been discovered in a Munich apartment. That news has sparked the imagination of author Susan Choi, who recalls reading a novel with a similar theme: Jenny Erpenbeck's Visitation.
LGBT activists from the Russian city of Arkhangelsk are making the rounds in Washington, lobbying the U.S. government to keep up the pressure on the Kremlin over its anti-gay legislation as Russia prepares to host the winter Olympics.
A report from Swiss medical investigators found substantial evidence to back the theory that Yasser Arafat died as a result of poisoning by polonium, a radio-active element. Arafat died in 2004. The poisoning theory has been around for a number of years, and many Palestinians take it as a given that Israel assassinated their leader. A Russian report says the evidence is not there that Arafat was poisoned. So with more mixed news, how are Palestinians taking the news?
The monthly jobs report for October showed surprising strength. Employers added 204,000 jobs to payrolls. The unemployment did edge up a bit to 7.3 percent, but that was likely a result of the government shutdown.
Dish Network announced this week that it will shutter the 300 or so remaining Blockbuster stores it owns across the country. But in some places, dozens of the video stores will have an unlikely afterlife.

France Rethinks The Sanctity Of Its Day Of Rest

For more than a century, French law has allowed stores to open on Sundays only under specific conditions. It also tightly controls other types of Sunday work. Several stores are now challenging that ban, as people question the tradition amid a languishing economy and a 24/7 world.
The Los Angeles trio draws inspiration from Mexico's son jarocho tradition and blends it with rock and punk, and the result is a celestial mix. The band chats with NPR's Audie Cornish, instruments in hand.
After a flurry of high-level diplomatic activity in Geneva Friday, Iran and six world powers continued to work on an agreement to curb Iran's nuclear program in exchange for easing of some economic sanctions. The arrival of Secretary of State John Kerry and three EU foreign ministers added diplomatic heft — but not speed — to the proceedings.
Melissa Block talks with Dennis Ross, a counselor at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, about negotiations over Iran's nuclear program taking place in Geneva and what an agreement would likely look like.
On Friday, CBS News retracted a key element of an investigative report about the deadly attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, saying the network had been misled. CBS had defended its story for days despite growing doubts about the credibility of the British security contractor it presented as an eyewitness to the attack.
The weather and demand from China are driving prices up. But how do you say the word pecan? NPR's Melissa Block gets answers from a pecan farmer and a linguistics expert.
We read from a sample of listener letters. They include a correction about which part of the state of Maryland has people who wish to break away from the state, complaints about our joking treatment of a theft of walnuts, and a happy little girl who listened to a story about macaroni and cheese.

Bullying Scandal Continues To Embroil Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins remain at the center of a scandal over allegations that Richie Incognito bullied fellow teammate Jonathan Martin. Martin walked away from the team last weekend citing harassment from Incognito, and Incognito was suspended from the team while the NFL investigates.
Finding out how much an X-ray costs sounds like a simple question. But before Oct. 1, it was downright impossible to get an answer. Now, Massachusetts is pulling back the curtain on what has been a largely secret world of health care prices.
Writer Nancy Slonim Aronie recalls how another mom in the hospital with a sick child helped reveal something about herself.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Going After What's Real

On a visit to the set of Nightcrawler, NPR's Audie Cornish talks to the actor about his changing career and his recent crime drama, Prisoners, where he plays a solemn detective in search of two young missing girls.
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