All Things Considered for Sunday, November 24, 2013

Amid Praise, Iran Deal Hit With Skepticism

Iran and six world powers have reached an agreement to curb Iran's nuclear program for six months, while the international community gives the country a bit of relief from sanctions. While some are praising the deal, others are already skeptical about its long-term success.

Diplomacy With Iran: 'Most Attractive Option'?

Host Arun Rath speaks with Robin Wright, senior fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center, about the "first-step" deal between Iran, the United States, and five world powers, to curb Iran's nuclear program. Wright says the deal is the best option available after decades of sanctions and standoffs.
Journalist David Rohde writes about Secretary of State John Kerry in a new article in The Atlantic. Host Arun Rath speaks with Rohde about the profile, "John Kerry Will Not Be Denied."

Hondurans Pack Polling Places To Vote For President

Hondurans are going to the polls Sunday to elect a new president. Crime, gangs and drug cartel violence have made Honduras the most dangerous country, of those not at war, in the world. If that weren't enough to compel voters, Honduras's economy is nearly bankrupt and many live in poverty. Host Arun Rath talks to NPR's Carrie Kahn, who's been monitoring voting in the country's capital.
Every day in Tacloban, the place gets a bit cleaner. Dump trucks, bulldozers and excavators are criss-crossing the Philippine city to deal with the mountain of typhoon debris. Virtually every building in this city of 200,000 people was destroyed or damaged. Now, government leaders and aid groups are sorting out how to deal with the massive piles of garbage and where it should be disposed.

How Johnnie Walker Is Chasing The World's Middle Class

The Scotch whisky is the ninth best-selling brand of distilled spirit in the world. Journalist Afshin Molavi says it has grown globally by appealing to the expanding middle classes in places like Mexico, Brazil, South Africa and India.

A Special Agent's Secret Job: Hit Man

Charles Hunt — that's not his real name — works for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. To prevent contract killings, he and colleagues pose as killers themselves. Journalist Jeanne Marie Laskas, who wrote a profile of the agent for GQ, says in real life he's a "lovely man" playing a "bit of a superman role."

Reviving Las Vegas With Less Sin, More City

Indeed, the gaming industry is not recession-proof. The financial collapse hit Las Vegas hard, and casino revenues dropped for 22 straight months. The city is now taking steps to claw its way back. In doing so, it may emerge as more than a one-economy town.

In A Tale Of Two Sisters, The Story's In The Songs

Iconic Disney moments aren't just about the characters, but the songs they sing. Husband-and-wife team Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez composed music for the new Disney film Frozen, capturing the friendship of sisters Elsa and Anna.
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