All Things Considered for Saturday, January 25, 2014

Protests and violent clashes erupted throughout Egypt on Saturday, as the country marked the third anniversary of the beginning of the 2011 Egyptian revolution. At least 29 people died in the violence, according to Egyptian officials. Guest host Kelly McEvers speaks with NPR's Leila Fadel, who is in Cairo.
This week, representatives of the Syrian government and opposition met in Geneva, Switzerland, beginning negotiations to end Syria's violent civil war. Guest host Kelly McEvers speaks with NPR's Deborah Amos, who is following developments at the international conference.
Negotiations between the Syrian government and Syrian opposition leaders continue in Geneva this weekend. Guest host Kelly McEvers talks to Frederik Pleitgen of CNN, who is in Damascus, reporting about the current situation on the ground in Syria.
The political crisis in Ukraine is spreading, with tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Kiev's central square, demanding that President Viktor Yanukovych step down. From Kiev, NPR's Corey Flintoff speaks with guest host Kelly McEvers about some surprising developments.
West Virginia is still assessing the impact of a major chemical spill on Jan. 9 into the Elk River, which left 300,000 people without safe drinking water for days. Guest host Kelly McEvers speaks with Ken Ward Jr., a reporter for the Charleston Gazette, about the spill, and public reaction to conflicting messages from health officials.
There's been a groundswell of support for coding education — "developer evangelists" host 24-hour code-a-thons and there's talk of teaching coding as early as kindergarten. But one critic says that's overkill. Afterall, he says, just because you drive a car doesn't mean that you have to be an auto mechanic.

Antarctic Discovery: A Massive Valley Under The Ice

Researchers have discovered an ancient valley deeper than the Grand Canyon under West Antarctica. The finding is both a window into the continent's past and a forecast of how the ice might change in a future global climate. co-founder Carlos Watson talks about a rising star who has made writing about hip-hop serious business, and the advertising tactics that life insurance companies are using to attract young people.
"I'm not a fan of mysteries," says Isabel Allende. Strange words indeed from a woman whose mystery novel Ripper hits bookshelves this month. The renowned Chilean author talks about taking on a new genre and making it her own.
'I had a vision," says the singer, whose latest album showcases the voices of women from Kenya and her home country of Benin.
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