All Things Considered for Thursday, March 20, 2014

As the White House widens sanctions against Vladimir Putin's inner circle, Russia's retaliating with some of its own. Meanwhile, Ukrainians are looking on, concerned about further Russian incursion.

Crimean Tatars Fear History May Repeat Itself

As Russia's takeover of Crimea goes unchecked, the region's minority Muslim population is growing anxious. After a similar trauma not long ago, Crimean Tatars bear little trust toward Russian leaders.
An Army general accused of sexually assaulting a subordinate, was sentenced today by a military judge. Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair was fined $20,000 and received a letter of reprimand. He could have received up to 25 years in jail for the initial charges. The case fell apart because of credibility problems with the accuser; a plea deal dropped the more serious charges. Now, the sentence has infuriated membesr of Congress and victims advocates. NPR's Tom Bowman has the latest.
Drug lords face a recurring problem: what to do with all that cash? Time and again, they have managed to launder their fortunes through some of the world's leading banks.
Human Rights Watch is urging Senegal to implement a law criminalizing forced begging. People acting as Islamic teachers have been exploiting thousands of young boys.

Book Review: 'The Divorce Papers'

Alan Cheuse reviews the novel The Divorce Papers, by Susan Rieger.
Both New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo are Democrats, but they've clashed on several issues. It may be evidence of a rift between populists and centrists within the Democratic Party.

Watch To Watch For As March Madness Begins

Most of the men's NCAA basketball tournament gets under way Thursday. Who are the top seeds, and who might be this year's Cinderella story?
An experimental program is trying to teach self-employed women the importance of long-term financial security. "You take care of yourself because nobody else is going to," one recruiter says.
Many of today's parents spent their childhoods playing on dangerous playgrounds and spending a lot of time unsupervised. Hanna Rosin says their kids need to take those same risks to feel independent.
Two weeks into the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the focus has turned to two large objects in the waters southwest of Australia. Officials believe these might be debris from the aircraft.

For Flight 370 Families, Every Day Is 'Torment'

It's been an excruciating wait for families of passengers on the missing Malaysian airliner. They wait for word in a Beijing hotel and have little confidence in Malaysian authorities.
When appointed by President Reagan, everyone thought Walsh, a well-known Republican commodity, would conduct a pro forma investigation. It was anything but.
The Obama administration is widening the scope of economic sanctions aimed at Russia. The White House hopes to penalize its annexation of Crimea and discourage any further incursion into Ukraine.
After bouncing all over the Internet, the iconic photo is coming to big screens in Times Square. It shows a sea of desperate people waiting for food in the devastated refugee camp of Yarmouk.

Never Mind Eyesight; Your Nose Knows Much More

The human nose may be able to distinguish more than a trillion different odors and fragrances, research hints. If true, our noses are much more discerning with smells than our eyes are with color.

This Simple Stew Is A Battleground In A Bowl

Punish Stew is more than a comfort food: It's a dish that turned a dinner table into a battleground. Award-winning chef John Currence shares the recipe, and the story, to the stew he hates and loves.

Fred Phelps, Head Of Westboro Baptist Church, Dies

Fred Phelps, anti-gay activist and patriarch of the Westboro Baptist Church, has died at age 84. Frank Morris of KCUR reports on the interesting past of one of the most reviled men in America.
The great spotted cuckoo is a parasitic bird that plops its eggs in nests of other birds, so others can care for its chicks. Those chicks might aid the caretaker bird by helping to repel predators.

There's More Than One Way To Watch 'Star Wars'

Whether you're revisiting the Star Wars films or you're just catching them for the first time, there are many ways to watch the series. Blogger Rod Hilton has some tips.
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