All Things Considered for Saturday, April 26, 2014

To help low-income families, some think high-quality early education is key; others argue it's support for parents with job training and education. A program called Career Advance is doing both.
This past week, the Justice Department announced changes to clemency criteria for federal prisoners. The changes will allow more prisoners who are locked up on nonviolent drug charges to petition for early release. NPR's Eric Westervelt speaks with Vanita Gupta of the American Civil Liberties Union.
Sherpas have a great reputation as the world's best climbers. But when something goes wrong up in the mountains, it deeply affects the small ethnic group and its communities around the world.
After a decade of witnessing death and bloodshed in five different wars, Ron Capps developed post-traumatic stress disorder. His memoir, Seriously Not All Right, chronicles his battles.
Yet another digital dating model is on the horizon — one where user profiles are built completely from images. And it's not the kind of photos you might think.
In Teju Cole's newest, elliptical novel, an unnamed narrator visits his native country, alarmed at what has changed, and at what hasn't.
Performing Eartha Kitt's music, the jazz singer says, isn't just hero worship: It's a window into how power, seduction and vulnerability intertwine.
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